5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Get Involved With Network Marketing

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So whether you are thinking about getting started or you’ve just gotten started in network marketing READ THIS before it’s too late.

This will be a fun topic today, hater’s will say this is bullshit without reading to the end. Anyway where should I start…?

…I guess I should say that I used to be a big time advocate of Network Marketing/MLM. Now that I’ve been out of the profession for a bit I’ve taken a good hard look at everything. One thing I’ve discovered is there’s a lot of bullshit going on in this industry.

That’s to be expected. As a self-regulated industry naturally some people will take advantage. Honestly, that’s another topic altogether.

So why shouldn’t you get involved?

Well I’ve been involved in the industry just over 3 years now. In that time I’ve seen a lot of people come and go, strike gold and go broke, build teams and tear them apart.

The one thing in common of these people that eventually leave the industry, is they have NOTHING in common! Instead there are 5 character traits that i think don’t map to MLM. The more of them you have the faster you should run away. In no particular order…

  1. You Have an Aversion to Change.

Does change make you anxious? Well that’s most people so I’m not actually talking to you. I’m talking to the people that are truly unwilling to change no matter what the circumstances. Ask any person who has built a successful business and they’ll tell you change is a necessary component to success. In the MLM world change translates into improving yourself AKA personal development. To be frank, it would be impossible to achieve anything without going through some changes.

Become a professional in mindset and appearance. No, that doesn’t mean you have to suit up but you need to step up your life game. Do you think top earners are sleeping in until noon everyday? Then why are you? The truth of the matter is the way you act/breathe/speak/think is what has gotten you to where you are now. If you want more out of life you will have to become more. Remember for things to change you HAVE TO change! If you believe otherwise you’re dead in the water…

  1. You Lack Ambition or Hustle.

Did you catch my interview with Jordan Williams? One thing we talked about was acting like an entrepreneur before you knew you were one. Entrepreneurship is ingrained in your thought process, you see blank CDs I see burned CDs I can sell. You see a tub of licorice I see 10 sticks for $2. You see lemons and sugar I see a lemonade stand…. Do you think like that? If not you could still have ambition. Do you actually want more out of life or are you content?

What do you do about it? I pull 18-20hr days religiously but I have lofty goals. Are you constantly trying to do better, do you take action on your ideas and often? If most of your actions from day to day are designed to move the needle forward then you’re good. If not you may have a serious problem on your hands. Hustle and hunger (ambition) are what will get you going and keep you going in this game. Lacking either puts you at a disadvantage and that’s ok it just means MLM isn’t the path for you…

  1. You’re Risk Adverse.

Let me tell you a secret…. MLM/NWM is one of the least risky businesses you can start finance wise. For $5000 or less (usually much less) you can start a legitimate business from your living room. If things go South, so what, you’re out of a couple thousand (maybe). If that’s not a “big deal” situation to you MLM ain’t for you #KanyeShrug. For some perspective, my brother bought a cellphone repair franchise not too long ago. The buy-in cost was about 42k! If that business goes south…. now that’s what I call a big fucking problem.

My first month in the biz I lost $600 after I bought all the start up products for my friend. He wasn’t willing to change and dropped out 2 days after signing up. It sucked but I moved on and didn’t bother asking for the products back. The key here is if you can’t afford to take a hit up to 5k you shouldn’t be involved at all. I’m not saying you’ll spend anywhere near that much but you will make investments in your future. This could mean travel, materials, books, seminars. If you’re not willing to spend money on your future, quit while you’re ahead. If you think about it, these investments aren’t even losses because you gain something with almost every penny spent. AND you get to write them off on your taxes. So as the saying goes scared money don’t make money.

  1. You’re Unable to Think for Yourself AKA You Are a Sheep.

Coach-ability is a big plus in MLM people that have been where you want to go can help you get there. But there’s line in the sand that’s conveniently not talked about. You need to make your own decisions and do your own research as well as take advice. What if the person you listen to makes bad decisions themselves? What if you mentor jumps companies every 6 months? What if you’re just an income to your leader and they ignore you when you stop paying your auto ship? All of this shit really happens…. You might be thinking another profession would be better for you, and you could be right. But no matter what you do you take yourself with you so if you’re a Sheep in MLM you’ll be a Sheep somewhere else too.

Best advice for you is always get a second preferably objective opinion. Never solely trust advice from someone that benefits off of you financially. Even their best intentions can be slightly tainted by that relationship to you. That goes the same for friends and family. Their advice sounds great because they care about you but it’s biased because of the relationship. Thus, take that advice with a grain of salt as well. Remember you’re always in control of your actions.

  1. You Don’t Take Responsibility for Your Actions.

This one is a big one for me, call it a pet-peeve when it comes to people. Whiners and complainers are annoying! Anyway, this kind of piggy-backs off the last character trait. Ultimately, getting into business is your decision. So why when our businesses fail we try to blame any and everything else except the person that is responsible? Ourselves…. These “blameless” people are half of the reason that NWM gets a bad name. When things go wrong for them, and they will, they blast the industry, company, and people they worked with every time.

As I tell every person I recruit this a voluntary gig everything rises and falls on your choices. I can and will make suggestions to help you out but I can’t force you to do anything. So when you drop $300 to attend a convention, or $30 on books, or drive 50 miles for a meeting that’s all on you. These are investments in your future. If you realize and accept this you’re good if not you will meet some friction. Same thing goes for if you listen to bad advice, follow the lead of stupid people, or make silly decisions, the result is of your own making. If you think otherwise you’re not gonna to make it so stop NOW!

Honorable Mention: If You’re a Bad Person, Have Poor Morals, or Lack Integrity.

You’re the other type of person giving this industry a bad name. The industry has enough scammers, schemers, bottom feeders and scumbags. We ALL hate you! Please just go away before you start to burn people for your own gain….

So that’s that, if you read this far congrats you’re a champion. Did you think I was going to bash the industry? I still think MLM is a very real opportunity for motivated people to change their lives. Notice I don’t say the average person. The lie that almost every marketer tells, is that this industry is the average person’s best chance at financial freedom. Truthfully, average people don’t make it, they have one or more of these traits and are unable to overcome them. If you’re willing to be above average this could be a lucrative career for you. But if being average is your thing this just ain’t for you and that’s just me being real with you.

Good luck either way.

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