Hey there! Jusstin here AKA The Social Introvert Dad or SID for short. I am glad you stopped by to get to know a little bit more about me and THE BLOG.

First Let’s talk about me…

You know that part of a job interview where the interviewer says, “So, tell me about yourself?” I kinda feel like I’m experiencing that moment right now haha. Fortunately this is a blog and not an interview so I can take my time to craft a realistic intro of me.

I’m a millennial entrepreneur although you wouldn’t think so since I am almost 30. I grew up in the land of sunshine, palm trees , and good weed, Southern California.

As a young buck I always had the entrepreneur’s mindset. My first “business” was being a bodyguard for my friend in 5th grade. I made a whole $5 a week keeping kids from bullying my friend. That was until my teacher found out and told my parents.

They of course made me give the money back… It was at that point that I realized being an entrepreneur is hard. In my younger days it was evident that the only acceptable path to success was through a proper education, so to school I went.

But that didn’t stop me…

I’m a pretty curious guy so when my middle school friend told me about a way to download music for free, I was all ears. A week later I had my second business ever, selling bootleg CDs. Those days back when Napster was hot, were great. For the next couple of years I sold burned CDs for about $5 a piece. I even learned how to expand my collection via networking when I met my now long time friend Julian Doan.

*You can hear more about Julian here when he joined me as a guest on podcast.*

As high school ended I conformed to social pressure and got a job/enrolled at the local community college.

And thus ended my entrepreneurial aspirations… or so I thought.

Life was challenging during these times. I went to school because I was told to. I went to work because I thought I was supposed to. Neither place fulfilled my inner desires. But I was stuck in this cycle. But then I had a daughter!

Suddenly life changed, I had to do more and be more. There was now someone that would look to me for guidance. With that thought in my mind; a fire was lit in my soul and under my ass. Instead of drifting through life I began striving to do better in school and my career.

But that wasn’t enough… Cue Julian Doan, the man who introduced me to Network Marketing and revived the long dead entrepreneur in me. I’d love to tell you that I hit a homerun with my first MLM company but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Truth is I struggled.

My first month with that company was my best month. I thought that was the indication that I would be super successful as I started to slack at my job. I really wanted to make MLM work so I poured more and more time and money into my business. So much so, that I began to neglect relationships at home.

Eventually I got fired from my job. Instead of doing the responsible thing and getting another job, I doubled down on my failing business. A few months later my girlfriend of almost 10 years decided she no longer saw a future together for she and I. So she left.

So there I was…

Broke, lonely and defeated. Life had taken a major turn for the worse.

I spent the next couple of years depressed yet hopeful that one day I could reunite my family.

Those were dark times. But the good thing about dark times is they don’t last. I didn’t know this back then but I needed every shitty thing that happened in order to progress to new heights.

What I’ve come to realize since then is that life is like a videogame. The harder it gets the closer you are to achieving your goals. And if you keep hitting the same wall then you’ve got to LEVEL UP!

The Comeback Kid.

Now that a lot of that is behind me, life has gotten considerably better. No, I’m not where I want to be in life. But for the first time ever I feel like I’m on the right path.

Which is where this blog comes in.

Society would like you to think that success is only for a chosen few people, the fortunate, lucky, smart, beautiful, etc… But truthfully it’s for the few who choose to be successful through hell or high water.

The purpose of this blog is to prove that truth. Will it be hard? I’m sure it will be, as an introvert, a parent, a millennial, the deck is certainly stacked against me. But that’s OK. As I once heard a smooth sea does not make a skilled sailor. So follow along as I figure this shit out. I’ll break things down as I go so that you’ll have something to take away and help you along on your own journey.

More about the blog.

This Social Introvert Dad started out as a place where I could store my thoughts on the web. As I’ve progressed so has the blog. It’s still very much a way to get peek inside this head of mine but it’s become so much more than that. I tend to post weekly on Mondays around 6am PST.

Topics range from ways to make money, to motivational posts, building an online business, and everything in between.

I try to mix up the content as much as I can. If you haven’t noticed I keep it real around here so sometimes you’ll find some foul language “tastefully” distributed about.

Every month I release an income report, you can get the latest one here, I also try to drop a podcast interview twice a month. Emphasis on try because sometimes it’s hard to get a guest on the show. A typical podcast consists of me interviewing an inspirational or interesting person that’s fighting the good fight so to speak.

If you’re new here I recommend you start with these posts:

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