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Welcome to another entry in my favorite series, The Monthly Income Report. In these reports my goal is to share with you, the reader, ways I’m earning money outside of my normal job. The task of earning side money on and offline can be quite elusive. I’m here to cut the crap and show you just what is working and what isn’t working. Not to mention my progress on my current and future goals. That way if you’re looking to add an income stream you’ll know where to start.  Enjoy. If you have any suggestions, questions, or my opinion on your own hustle make sure to drop a comment below!

What Happened in August

  • Launched Featured Fridays INTERVIEWS locked in two really good interviews with more to come.
  • Released my FBA Crash Course with an accompanying consultation program
  • Built a “funnel” for my FBA Email Course
  • Ran a successful Ad campaign for likes on my fan page

Completed Goals for August

  • Get podcast on stitcher possibly iTunes and Spotify. – iTunes and Spotify gave me a little trouble still trying to work around
  • Launch Featured Fridays INTERVIEWS…
  • Relaunch Ex Apparel T-shirt line with new designs – Got a couple designs done still not quite ready to go though.
  • Drop Free 7-day FBA Email Crash Course – How to Make $1000 in Less than 60 days.
  • Grow email list to 120 Subscribers – The list grew just not as much as I wanted gained 14 lost 2 for a total of 48/120 -60% Short
  • 250 monthly views254/250 +1.6% Over
  • Finish writing my 100% FREE e-book – Did even touch it to be honest
  • Earn $150 in The Wealthy Network Affiliate Program – Got a couple looks but no conversions $0/150
  • 150 likes for Facebook Fan page168/150 +12% Over
  • $1500 total monthly income $938/1500 -37+ Short

Goals for September

  • Lock in 3 new interviews
  • Submit 3 Guest posts
  • Relaunch Ex Apparel T-shirt line
  • Set up more subscription options for the website.
  • Grow email list to 150 Subscribers
  • Finish writing my 100% FREE e-book
  • Earn $150 in The Wealthy Network Affiliate Program
  • 250 likes for Facebook Fan page
  • $2,000 total monthly income
  • Research Private Labeling and look into samples

What is Working

  • Facebook Ads! I’m an amateur but I do alright when it comes to targeting.
  • The email course went well and I’ve received some pretty great feedback.
  • Podcasting has been a lot of fun! Feedback there is great as well.

What is Not Working

  • My lead magnet. The content of my email course is great but my lead magnet/ads aren’t converting.
  • I’m still not where I want to be to relaunch Ex Apparel but I think this month is the month.
  • Affiliate links are not converting as well.

Income Sources (Job Not included)

Total Monthly Income- $938.60 (+59% increase)

What Have I learned

  • Amazon could be my bread and butter by the end of the year
  • I have an issue with my sales funnel. Either the copy is off, or the targeting, or its just not something people want.
  • My email list needs serious attention.
  • Increasing the pressure increases my income! Goal raised again.

See you on next month’s Income Report!

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