Starting a Blog? I Wouldn’t if I Were You – 4 Reasons Why Blogging Sucks

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So you’ve been kicking around the idea now for weeks maybe months. You’re going to start blogging on your own website. It’ll be great, you can get your voice out there, control what you want to post. Best of all you can make a living doing it!!!

You’re ready to go, you know it’ll work so you might as well jump into it right? Wrong! Now before you jump on your horse there Hoss let me enlighten you on the reality of blogging.

Here are 4 reasons why blogging SUCKS

  1. You have to write

At its core blogging is writing… On a very regular basis. Did you like writing at an point in your life prior? Are you decent at writing at least? What about proof reading? Do you have ideas? If you’ve said no to ANY of those questions tread lightly my friend. I don’t know about you but I read A LOT so I see articles written by people with various skill. Nothing bugs me more than reading published articles that feel rushed, forced, or are littered with errors. I’m not perfect by any means. I double and triple check everything I publish and still find mistakes weeks later. Worst of all writing is time consuming. On average, every blog I craft up takes about 2-3 hours to finish a rough draft. Add 30 mins for editing and another hour for adding graphics/pictures. That means I spend almost 5 hours on every article that goes public. And don’t even ask about the articles I write and ultimately scrap due to poor direction or topic choice. If you think you’re good with writing then consider this…

  1. Consistency is elusive.

So back to those ideas. How many do you have? Do you know how many you need? Are they any good? Can you go deep on the topic or just scratch the surface? Now I’m not a stickler for length but generally speaking I think 600-800 words makes for a good read. I use 800 words as my measuring stick. If I can’t get to at least 750 then I don’t know enough about the topic or haven’t put enough thought into what I’m talking about. For shorter articles strategic graphic placement can help it seem longer. But I digress writing 800 words once is easy but can you do it 26, 52, 104 times in a row? If you publish every other week that’s 26 ideas, every week is 52 ideas, and twice a week is 104 ideas. Coming up with that many different topics is pretty difficult let me tell you. Worst of all if you launch your website with day 1 material you’re going to burn up at least 10 topics for launch day! Don’t get sick and not write either. Blogging, like YouTubing, relies on consistent content to build an audience. Your regulars will start to expect your posts every week and they’ll help you build your audience for free. You can’t just disappear for a week because they might disappear and not come back! Oh… but you say you’ve got plenty to write about? OK how about this…

  1. Have you ever built an audience from scratch before.

It’s a freaking hard task. Calls to action, email subscribers, Facebook likes, promoting, ads, all words you’re going to want to get familiar with. What are you going to build a blog for? If it’s just for fun you might be OK without this stuff. But if you think for an instant you might want to earn a red-cent from your blog you can bet your ass these will all come into play. Worst part about building an audience is it takes time. You might get lucky and build something that garners hundreds or thousands of followers in a month or two but for the vast majority of us it’ll take quite a bit longer to get to that point. I’ve been blogging since the beginning of June and still get excited when my daily views are over 15. I’ve had one triple digit day, ever! Some days you’re going to post something that you put a lot of time into and nobody is going to view it. You have to take those days in stride. In the beginning you’ll have a lot of 0 days until you convince people that your blog is worth coming back to. Some days a 0 makes me really consider if I’m any good at blogging, truth be told that’s just me being impatient. But you ARE patient? Hmm… well….

  1. You’re vulnerable.

Now this is more blog specific but chances are if you choose to blog you are exposing some degree of yourself. Think about it your blog portrays the private thoughts that were once in your head. It’s one thing to think it but it’s another thing entirely for the whole world to view, judge, and comment on it. This is one of the major reasons I haven’t seriously pursued guest blogging. On my own website I’m in control of what I publish and what I take down. Once I put something out on another website I’m exposed to the wolves and trolls of the internet. People on the internet can be ruthless, they don’t know exactly what you mean or what you are thinking when you write. Try as you might you will never make them understand. Criticism is hard to take from strangers even if it’s constructive. Still don’t see the problem?

Good maybe this IS for you.

I can’t make any promises but let me tell you how rewarding blogging is for me. For starters I have a platform to voice my inner thoughts anytime I want. No one can censor me or take down my content. I live for the feedback, yeah it hurts when the feedback isn’t what I wanted to hear but it makes every piece of positive feedback so much nicer. I get to inspire people daily, some that I will never even know I’ve impacted. Maybe you’re here right now to get the motivation you need to get started, I commend you for having the audacity to follow your dream. Not many people care about their dreams so you and I are on a different plane entirely. Blogging can put you on a roller coaster of emotions but so long as you’re doing what you love the ride is worth it.

If you’re still dead set on following your blogging dream let me help you out. You’ll need hosting for your personal website. Right now you can get hosting though me for a discounted rate of $3.45 per month (normally $7.99 per month) by clicking this link*. If you know how to build a website that’s all you need if you need more help with that go here for more professional help. Lastly, if you have no idea how to get started and what you need read this article and the one attached to it to learn about it all for free.

*Full disclosure I am an affiliate for many of the companies I talk about in this article, meaning that if you decide to purchase something via the links provided I make a small commission on said purchases. This is not to say that these commissions influence my recommendations. Rather to stay transparent with my audience. Further by purchasing through my links you don’t pay anything extra 😉

Looking forward to your future success! Let’s blog together some time?

Love ya!

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