Book Review: The Shark and The Goldfish

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Hey guys! Taking some time to bang out another (short) book review for you. As you know I read a lot and actually have a backlog of reviews that I want to do for you. Today’s review is on an awesome book called The Shark and The Goldfish by Jon Gordon (affiliate link).

“Shark or Goldfish: it’s your choice?”

This quote sums up the overall theme of this book. The Shark and The Goldfish is a personal development book presented as a children’s story. It’s about a goldfish named Gordy that one day finds himself in the ocean. After a while he befriends a shark named Sammy.

I don’t want to give too much away about the story though. So I’ll just say that Sammy takes Gordy under his wing… err… fin and the rest is a tale of what happens afterward.

I loved the story and definitely agreed with Sammy’s advice for Gordy. The story is short and highly effective. All too often I find personal development books to be lengthy. Jon, however, delivers his point in under 80 pages. I know that sounds like a pretty short book but let me tell you it’s worth the read I PROMISE!

Trust me judge this book by it’s content not its length. If you’ve been fortunate to read Poke The Box by Seth Godin (affiliate link) you know powerful books can come in small packages. This book is no different.

Unlike many other personal development books this one is suitable to read to children! Major plus in my book, getting kids to consume personal development can be difficult at times. Not with this story, the characters are colorful enough to be entertaining to children.

Also the lessons are presented in such a way that they don’t feel like you are teaching to your kid. Yet it’s not so childish that someone who’s childless couldn’t enjoy as well.

Gordon definitely spoke to me with his book. I’ve gone through quite a bit of change over the last 6 years. From becoming a new father, to getting fired, struggling on unemployment, and struggling with jobs that paid too little. Moving to Las Vegas then back to California in less than a year, juggling a kindergartner with work and now building a website and blog for you.

It has been absolutely crazy having to deal with constant change. Had I not read this book I don’t think I would have been as adept at handling the change and focusing on the positives instead of the negatives.

Overall I loved this book. Gordon picked a unique way to explain how we all can (and should) approach change. If you have ever found it difficult to handle change then THIS is the book for you! If you have kids that you want to start prepping for the real world and school then THIS is the book for you.

If you just like to grow through reading and love books with easy to understand concepts than THIS is the book for you! Needless to say I highly recommend it to you. So pick it up and give it a read, you could be done with it in less 2 days if you’re serious.

Be sure to come back here after you’ve read it. I’d love to know whether you’re a Shark or a Goldfish! Have a good one. Shark signing out!

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