Thank you for your interest in contributing to Social Introvert Dad [dot] com. I would love to see what you have to share, but before contacting me I would appreciate you reading these guidelines.

Why Write For Social Introvert Dad?

  1. Gain exposure. Your post will be promoted to a continuously growing number of readers via email and Facebook.
  2. Serve the community. Whether through shared experiences or unique insights on tough topics, serving the community and helping others break through their barriers is our mission here at SID.
  3. Update your work portfolio. Finding work can be tough! We at SID believe in being a platform from which writers of varying experience can catapult their careers. Serving the community comes in many forms.


  1. Be relevant. This means your post should pertain to the topics discussed in this blog. Namely: entrepreneurship, making money online, parenting, personal development, blogging, social media, branding, or introversion. Current topics are always a good idea.
  2. Make it authentic. Please base your post on your own personal experiences. If your post contains outside expertise please provide specific resources for reference.
  3. Length doesn’t matter. I’m not a word counter; however a good length to shoot for is between 600-1500 words. Remember, too long and it’s hard to deliver value too long and it’s hard to keep the reader engaged.
  4. Include a bio. Please include a short bio with up to 2 links that will appear at the bottom of the post.
  5. Limit in-post self promotion. If you have a product, service, or blog you are looking to promote please link to these in your bio rather than within the post. Links to relevant articles either on Social Introvert Dad [dot] com or other blogs within your post are ok.

Please Note

  1. Electronic publishing rights. By submitting your story to me you agree Social Introvert Dad [dot] com will hold the digital publishing rights to the post if it is published. This includes the right to publish your story in an ebook for sale via this website or online stores such as Amazon. If your story is selected for inclusion in an ebook I will include your name and a link to your website.
  2. The lead image is something I normally select, but if you have a suggestion please let me know. Most of the images I choose come from Pixabay or Canva. When suggesting an image please ensure it is Creative Commons-licensed and can be used commercially.
  3. Your post may be edited. I normally leave posts untouched, but in some cases I may edit things such as the title, grammar, format, etc.
  4. Don’t bother with an HTML version when emailing me your submission.
  5. Please allow up to 3 days for a response. I aim to read and reply to every guest post submission, but I may miss your email because it went into my spam folder or I deleted it by accident. Also, blogging is something I do in my spare time so sometimes I get behind in reviewing submissions. If you don’t hear back from me within 3 days please send a follow up email.


  1. A relevant and insightful quote at the start of a story is a great way to grab attention and can help with promotion on social media networks.
  2. A question for readers at the end of your story is a great way to encourage comments.
  3. Being available the day I publish your article to quickly respond to comments is encouraged. Currently I publish guest content on Friday’s at 9:30am PST. If you have a preference please let me know.
  4. Promote and share your story with your network!

Sound ok? If so please get in touch by emailing me at jusstin [at] with “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line.

If I enjoy your post I will write back with a suggested date to publish the story. Otherwise I’ll let you know that I’m passing on the submission so you can publish it elsewhere. Please note: due to time constraints I normally don’t provide feedback. If I pass on your submission you are welcome to send me something else for consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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