Don’t Bother Me, I’m Introverting

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Introverts rejoice I got a blog post for you today! Well, to be honest, others might enjoy this one too.  Anyway…

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I was minding my business…

As many of you know I do a vast majority of my writing at Starbucks. There’s something about being out in public and away from my computer that helps me be more productive.  It probably has to do with the Pomodoro technique. I’ll write a blog about it later but for now let’s say it explains how time limits influence productivity. Usually I get a lot of work done when I spend a few hours at Starbucks but that’s not always the case. Some days I still manage to get distracted!

But you’re an Introvert!!!

I know I’m an introvert shouldn’t I favor being at home, Right? Although I do love being home amongst my own stuff I’m not a recluse. Besides I do “public” different.

Any time I go on a writing outing I’m sure to bring a pair of headphones with me. My go to are my Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 Bluetooth headphones. They’re super comfortable and easy to use. I wanted to be cool and get some Beats by Dre PowerBeats but they’re almost 3x’s the price of the Smokin’ Buds! The headphones serve two purposes:

The first is obvious, they allow me to listen to music while I’m writing. The second is not so obvious, they make me invisible!

Ok, maybe not invisible, invisible.

All the gym homies/homegirls know what I’m saying. Pretty much anytime you wear headphones in public, it sends the message “I don’t want to be talked to.” Some people don’t get the message though.

That’s what happened to me one Thursday afternoon. Normally when I go out to write I grab a small table in the corner of my local Starbucks. Lately, I’ve been sitting at the big tables that way I can network if the opportunity presents itself. I don’t know why since I rarely talk to anyone, ha ha!

So here I am.

I had my Frappuccino, my headphones, my fountain pen and my paper. As you can imagine I started writing. I wasn’t even 30 minutes into my session when up walked Dave, Dave is a regular here at Starbucks. I met him here like 4 years ago. He’s a nice guy, go-getter and true entrepreneur, but he’s a talker. He’ll literally talk to you forever if given the chance.

I saw him coming out of the corner of my eye and actually tried to not see him. Sounds harsh but I was in work mode. Conversation was the last thing on my mind. So when he tapped me on the shoulder to say ”hi” AND pulled up a chair I was surprised. I thought to myself “bruh, you can see me?”

Again I know I’m not really invisible but often it feels like I am.

And that’s the point. I don’t want to be seen or talked to, sometimes I put my headphones in without any music just so I can have some alone time while I’m out. Anyway on this day that shit wasn’t working…

Dave proceeded to talk to me about the mentality of fear or something. I’m not too sure because at the time I was focused on how annoyed I was. Not at Dave per se, but at the fact I was interrupted.

My bubble was burst!

One thing I struggle with is focus. When I’m in the right mindset I can hyper-focus on the task at hand and lose track of time. Sometimes I even forget to eat! My problem is it takes me a long time to get to that point.

I’m really easily distracted most of the time. So when I’ve found my focus and then I’m taken out of that focus it tends to rub me the wrong way. I know I sound a bit like a jerk but that’s okay! Eventually, I was able to get back to writing and everything was all good.

When I “Introvert.”

Wanting to be productive isn’t the only reason I like to be alone. Solitude has tons of benefits for us introverts. Of course we’re all different so take this blog with a grain of salt. But now I’m curious…

If you’re an introvert, I want to know. How do you “Introvert?”

Be sure to drop a comment below!

See ya!

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