Tales of the SID – Entry 1

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Sat. Apr. 29, 2017

April was an interesting month to say the least. It started out great! I got a promotion and started a new job. To be honest, this is the best job I’ve ever had too. For starters, the pay is A LOT better than it was before. It’s crazy to think that in less than 18 months with a company, I’ve been able to achieve an income that took me 8 years to achieve in the retail world.

To be fair…

My skills and work ethic have a lot to do with the quick advancement. When I was younger, I just didn’t care about personal achievement like I do now. Back to the job… My workflow has shifted, so instead of physical work, almost everything I do for work involves a computer or walkie-talkie which is awesome! To add to this, my new job comes with quite a bit of downtime.

This is perhaps the best part of it. I would say that in every 10 hour shift, I have about 2 hours of downtime on a normal day. 4 hours on a slow day, and 30 minutes to an hour on a busy day. This gives me plenty of time to communicate with my assistant or cruise the web/social media. I’m still learning the specifics of my job so as I get more efficient, I’m sure I’ll find more time in the day.

I love it because that’s going to allow me to do things like network, book guests for the podcast, look for investment properties, or watch videos to learn new skills.

We’re getting closer to opening my cellphone repair shop! I’m sure I’ve talked about it before but a little less than a year ago, my brother bought his way into a cell phone repair franchise though our friend Drew. It didn’t take long for me to notice how lucrative of a business it was. So I told my brother that I would like to partner with him to open another one and expand the franchise.

The goal is to open the shop in June.

And with only the month of May to go, it’s about time I learned how to repair. I’m going to spend the month of May learning as well as researching cities to determine what city will be my home. I’m super excited! In this online world, anyone can say they have a business because you can start one for next to nothing. Having a brick and mortar business is different. There’s a lot more to lose especially on the financial side.

I think part of the reason I’m excited is just to have a physical representation of my skills as an entrepreneur. Plus, I get to show my daughter something that many parents don’t, so that’s cool.


The shop serves as validation for making the right choice. I don’t think people talk about it enough; being an entrepreneur is scary as fuck! There are A LOT and I mean A LOT of years where you won’t make shit. There are a lot of years where you’re going to eat shit from your friends and family. And there are a lot of nights where you will ask yourself “Am I crazy? Will I really be able to succeed”.

I think the older I get, the worse these problems get. I talked about some of the perils of entrepreneurship before, but i think I missed some stuff. Like how your perception of your environment fucks with you.

I’ll be 30 this year and as I look around, I can’t help but see friends and acquaintances moving forward with their lives.  College graduates, thriving businesses, job advancements, engagements, marriages, kids. Many of the people I know or used to know are seemingly much further along in life than I am. I know it’s silly to compare my life to others because everyone progresses at their own pace. But I can’t keep myself from thinking…

“Did I choose the wrong path?”

“Should I take everyone else’s advice and go back to school and get a high paying job?” After all had I not pursued entrepreneurship, I would be one of those people, I’m comparing myself to, by now.

I find myself especially sensitive to the fact I’m still single and haven’t started a family yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy with my singleness. I’m like 70/30 in favor of it. But when I see young families starting up, that 30% becomes a big 30%. Ultimately, I want that but not with just anyone. And seeing how I haven’t met anyone that comes close to what I want, I can’t help but wonder if this woman is actually out there…

Low key that’s why I want to get out of the country for a while. Maybe that special lady is out in the world somewhere. Who knows?

Anyway, I’m running out of stuff to talk about so i think I’ll end this first journal entry here….

Until next time.

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