Tales of the SID – Entry 3

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June 24th,

Welcome back to another entry of my personal journal. June has been a crazy month! But before I get into that…

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday! Well, 2 weeks ago by the time you read this, haha.

To quote Drake, “Last night was mad real.” My amazing friends and family threw me a huge surprise birthday party. It was freaking awesome. I was super surprised to see all the people that I did. Honestly, it almost brought me to tears because I have ALWAYS wanted a surprise party.

Special shout-out to Christina for planting the seed, my mom for running with it, and my brother for putting it all together.

Some thoughts on the past decade…

My 20s were a huge roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs. This included my finances, relationships, and my weight/health. Pretty much all areas of my life fell from all-time highs and crushing lows, but all have taken a turn for the better in the last year or two. Well, except my weight, but I’m making changes for that as well. In my heart of hearts, I feel like this last year especially has become my springboard to catapult me into my 30s. I’m really excited to see where I will be in the next 10 years.

But what about the rest of the month?

Well, well… Amazon has been doing well. We’ve had a few $100 days, which is a good sign. If you want to sell on Amazon, the easiest way to breakdown financial goals is to break it up into daily goals. For us, $100/day, 7days/week is the magic number. If you do the math, that nets us $2,000 per month, even after factoring in 40% expenses.

We’re moving right along with the shop. We finally locked down a place that we liked and after some registration, we put in an offer – literally just waiting to get approved. After that, we expect to be up and running in 2 to 4 weeks. So if all goes well, August 1st will be our grand opening. Don’t worry. You’ll hear more about it in the coming weeks on social media.

In other news, I just completed my second-ever email course. This one is geared towards people that would like to start their own website. It’s a paid course, but I will be dropping one lesson on the blog for free as an actionable sample of what else is included. I expect to publish the free sample in the second week of the new month. Also I’m converting my first course into an eBook. I haven’t decided if it will be paid or free yet. I guess it will just depend on how long it takes to convert and create.

And now the big news!

If you don’t follow me on social (you should by the way), my daughter is home to spend the summer with me! We’ve been having a blast too, staying up late, watching movies, playing video games, and we even got a daddy-daughter mani/pedi together. That was quite the experience as I’ve never had a manicure or pedicure before. It was kind of fun too, but DON’T TELL NOBODY!

Having the kiddo back has been great but not without its consequences. For starters, I’m TIRED! I forgot how much energy this little girl has, so I’ve been trying to adjust to it all. By the way, I had her on the podcast yesterday if you haven’t heard it yet. Anyway, it’s kind of difficult to parent and get work done for the blog, but I’m learning hacks to make it work. For instance, she wanted to ride her bike one day, so I took her outside and set up my writing station in front of my house. This way, she could play with her friends and I could get work done while keeping an eye on her. Other than that stuff, it’s been great having her home.

I’m glad my worries about her not being interested in me turned out to be unfounded. In fact, she might be too interested in me. I can barely shower or use the bathroom without her knocking at the door. She even told me she wants to marry me one day, which has to be the sweetest things she said to me in a while. This also tells me I’m doing a good job at this whole dad thing because I believe a dad’s job in his daughter’s life is to be her first love and an example for how the men in her life should treat her.

And on that sappy note, I bid you adieu. I’ll catch you on the next month’s entry or somewhere on the blog.

Be well…

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