Featured Fridays Episode 22

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Welcome to #FeaturedFridays the show where I interview interesting people, post guest blogs, and sometimes rant a little bit.

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So maybe I could just try to do that everyday. Maybe I could try to walk the driveway, and literally the next I put on you know 4x sweatpants and a 4x shirt. I’m like ‘here we go to the top of the driveway’, and… I couldn’t make it. But that became my life’s ambition.

My next guest for you today guys is a nationally known life coach and a long term weight loss maintainer, losing over a 150 lbs, and keeping it off for over 6 years. She’s also the co-creator of a weight loss program called the Discovery Dyet, and she’s just a living – a living example of what can happen in your life if you just decide and you commit to taking baby steps, and you continue to move forward, and you don’t give up. Now if any of these stuff sounds like something that’s interesting enough to you, I invite you to stay tuned today guys. This is episode 22 of Featured Fridays.

Welcome to the Featured Friday’s podcast, where each episode we bring to you an inspiring person or topic to help you move one step closer to your goals. I am your host Jusstin Williams, the Social Introvert Dad. Now without further ado, let’s get into the show.

Jusstin: Hey everybody! This is Jusstin Williams, the Social Introvert Dad, and this is another episode of Featured Fridays. It’s a pretty good day today guys. It’s actually kinda windy today in Riverside but no big deal. It’s actually nice and sunny though, not too hot for you know the Inland Empire, but I have a special guest for you today guys. Her name is Eve Parker, she is an author, life coach, entrepreneur, and she’s really out here doing a lot of really special things with her fans and everyone else here in the world. So Eve feel free to say hi to everyone.

Eve: Hello everybody! Hello! Hello from Denver.

Jusstin: Awesome! Denver – Denver, Colorado. And how’s the weather in Denver?

Eve: Denver to me – it’s beautiful. I forgot for a second that you’re not here in Denver when you were like ‘it’s a little windy’, I’m like ‘yeah it is’, and I’m like ‘oh yeah you’re in California’. It’s nice. It’s supposed to snow this weekend, and I’m looking at the window, cloudy with a chance of meatballs right now. Looks like the weather’s probably about 59 to 61 degrees. It’s a nice mile high chill.

Jusstin: Wow! Your definition of nice and my definition of nice are different. I don’t-

Eve: I must say from California originally. So you being from Riverside, that’s awesome. I’m from San Diego so I – this is cold weather to you guys.

Jusstin: Okay cool, cool, cool, yeah. It’s definitely, definitely cold. Alright so you have your website inspirationaleve.com. For the few people that don’t know who you are, just go ahead and give them like a quick little rundown of like your background and all that good stuff.

Eve: Oh the fun. In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth. Yeah so I am – it’s so funny to hear people call me like an entrepreneur or a lady boss coz I just – I kinda feel like an inner – like a grown woman living as my inner child. Yes I’m a life coach and people are always like ‘uhh what does that mean?’ like ‘can you help me solve my life problems?’ That’s the intense, that’s the point of it all. I help individuals to achieve a specific outcome. So I tend to work specifically with women, not that I discriminate against the dudes, I love the dude, the ladies just tend to flock, specifically lesbians – females – gay females. Almost every client I’ve ever had has been a lesbian. Fairly enough. But I specifically work with weight loss, and originally I should say –  originally I work specifically with weight loss. Coz I used to be 340 lbs, I used to have trouble with all kinds of different drugs. And I after – failed diet after diet after diet, I finally realized that there’s something more to losing weight than just calories in vs calories out.

Jusstin: Okay.

Eve: Like don’t get me wrong, cheeseburgers are the bum, and so with soda, but there’s more to the equation and so-

Jusstin: Yeah for sure.

Eve: Having released a 150 lbs, and I could explain that later – why I speak about release – I decided that I wanted to help people do that as well, and I worked with Tony Robbins for a little while, and that kinda created the ‘roar, roar let’s change lives’ attitude.  

Jusstin: Okay.

Eve: And I went down that road of being a traditional coach, it’s all about outcomes, and it’s all about you know – ‘Let’s change our life.’ And then I started realizing, well there’s still more to that equation, that it’s like ‘what are we really hungry for as human beings?’ Again love me some cheeseburgers. Hot Pockets used to be my jam. But you have to be more to this,. And so as I started to learn what I was really craving in life for that – what really associated me, I’ve been starting to help other individuals do that. Both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Jusstin: Okay, that’s pretty cool. Pretty cool.

Eve: Yeah so I do – I do all kinds of different modalities. I do play therapy, I’m actually – I’m have – right now in the midst of my directorial debut, I’m really excited – of a play that I’m writing with eleven other women and yeah. I do a lot of things with the body positive movement, I’m realizing that I need to work more with men because I – they feel discriminated against and men, believe it or not ladies and gentlemen have body image issues, and they wanna talk about it. So I’ve been more than just helping people in a one-on-one basis. I’ve been focusing my energy really in that piece of helping individuals with self-love, with self-acceptance, and really just having fun with that. I think that’s a key component to life, we gonna make it fun.  

Jusstin: Yeah for sure, for sure. Okay so that’s a nice little – little intro. What I like to do for podcast guest is I tend to help them warm up, it doesn’t sound like you really need help warming up, but I have a couple – couple questions for you that I just generally ask all of my guest. The first one is did you go to college and did you – if you did, did you graduate?

Eve: Excellent question. Yes I did go to college, I did not graduate. Fun fact, I’m actually going back to college this fall. My dad got really sick. I was – I didn’t realize I actually have an associate’s degree, I found that our 3 months ago. I was in community college changing my major every so many semesters, from communications to education for children, to then child development, to then psychology. But my dad got really sick, and he’s the big reason why I do what I do. Because my dad unfortunately passed away at the age of 69 and he died with the music inside of him. And that’s something that I promise myself I would never do. So I’m going back now – now that I’m officially a junior. I’m going back to finish my degree with a Masters in Psychology and a minor in theater.

Jusstin: Okay. Cool, that’s cool. Alright, next question, now I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I always ask – do you feel like you identify more as an introvert or an extrovert, and how do you feel like that has helped or hindered you in life.

Eve: What an excellent question. I’m definitely an extrovert. What is interesting – I think – so that’s kind of a two parter. So I’m definitely an extrovert, I think that has benefited me in a lot of ways because you know I walk into a room and I’m like ‘hi what’s your name? What are you doing?’ And I love being around human beings, I love being around people, I love energy. Like I’m that person who like – one of my extro – my introvert friends would be like ‘oh god there’ll be crowds’ and I’m like ‘yes there’ll be crowds’. Like I thrive around high numbers of people. But part of that also comes from years of being in theater, and also years of wearing a mask. And what I mean by that is always trying to seek the – I can’t say that extrovert goes through this, that would be unfair, but I was always trying to seek the approval of others. And so I think 27 years of my life was spent trying to overtly be an extrovert so that I would get that attention at that significance that I so desperately desired from people. You know I was hoping that they would give me the one thing that I couldn’t give myself. Fun fact though, last piece I will add about that – the more I step into like my authentic self and my creative side, I definitely dance between extrovert and introvert because I really value my alone time now more than I ever have before, like I’m like ‘today is an anti-people day’ not coz I hate people, but just coz I gotta recharge. Definitely gonna recharge.    

Jusstin: Yeah, yeah. For sure, for sure, and I can definetly – I can definitely relate to that sentiment because I have my days -or you know I wanna be around friends, and then I have days where I’m just like I wanna stay home, I don’t wanna talk to anybody, I just kinda wanna listen to podcasts or read or watch something on the computer, or whatever I’m doing. Sometimes it’s blogging, but yeah. I have my days when I – when I wanna do that stuff to. Alright, so let’s back up a little bit. Now you said you used to – you used to weigh 340 pounds was it?  

Eve: Yeah 340. I was definitely a big girl. I was a big, big girl.  

Jusstin: Okay so what happened? How did you I guess lose the weight? Or release the weight as you would say.

Eve: That’s – that’s always like the million dollar question. How? For me it was you know I – like I‘ve mentioned, I’ve tried so many diets. Everything from the Atkins, to the South Beach diet, to a grapefruit diet. It would seem like whatever fad there was, I was trying it. And I was supposed to get gastric bypass surgery, but something inside me was like ‘don’t do it’. I came to a point – I was 24 years old, and I was bulimic, and I was a purger, and I was in a really unsupportive relationship with a fiance at the time. Bless him, he just wasn’t you know right for me in a lot of ways, we were very unsupportive to each other. And it got to a point where in my like mind – that’s why I started becoming bulimic coz I’m like ‘well if I can’t stop the overeating, maybe I can just curb it by you know throwing it up’. Sorry to be graphic but that’s me keeping it real.

And there was this day, it was in May, so it was almost 7 years ago next month, that I had eaten like $17 my usual fourth meal bender, It was $17 worth of taco bell and I had purged, and I caught a reflection in the mirror, and I was astonished because I couldn’t recognize the person looking back at me. And it was kinda scary coz it was – I felt like it was – I was like an out of the body experience. And it that moment I started to think you know – I don’t know if I honestly wanna keep going. Because you know you’re that large, and more than just being a large – like there’s a difference between being overweight and then there’s – and then there’s being overweight feeling out of alignment and feeling out of control. And that’s absolutely where I felt. And I just hated myself. I hated my body, I hated the quality of my life, and I started thinking you know my mom has always prescription drugs, I could absolutely find a cocktail and end it.

And it was such an interesting moment as I’m like thinking ‘okay Percocet, Oxycontin blablabla’  that something inside my head said ‘what if this time could be different?’ And I’m just like ‘oh whatever you know I’ve tried it all’. And the voice in my head just kept looping ‘what if this time could be different? What if you could be different?’ And I’m like ‘but I can’t’. And you know some people call that your unconscious mind or your you know – whatever you wanna call it. Some people are gonna call it gods, some people even call it divine, spirits. It definitely felt like an intervention. I can at least agree to that. In that moment I’m like ‘okay I’m gonna entertain it for a second’. What if this time would be different? and I’m like ‘well, I can’t fully walk my driveway, I wasn’t physically able to, so maybe I could just try to do that everyday, and maybe I could try to walk the driveway’. And literally, the next day I put on you know 4x sweatpants and a 4x shirt. I’m like ‘here we go to the top of the driveway’. And… I couldn’t make it, but that became my life’s ambition – I will make it to the top of this driveway.

And I started thinking like what I probably should start eating like more plant-based. My brother and his wife had gone vegan and I’m like ‘what if I went vegan, maybe that would clean out my body’.  I had sleep apnea, I had a 300 plus cholesterol, my blood pressure was 200/100, like I was – I was messed up. And it was – it was in those baby steps that really you know – people are always like ‘what’s your magic formula?’ I’m like ‘honestly, I started with baby steps. I started walking.’ And when I could make it to the top of the driveway, I’m like well maybe I could walk the whole neighborhood some day. And it became that. So  I started to try only in the morning and in the evenings, cuz I was embarrassed of how I looked, I didn’t want to do it during the day. So I would start to walk the neighborhood when I felt like I was exhausted, or I started chafing, I’m like ‘okay gonna turn around, coz I gonna be able to make it back.’

Jusstin: Yeah, for sure.

Eve: It became that. It’s like Ok, maybe I can go two steps more, maybe I could make it to the mailbox, maybe I can make it to that palm tree, cuz I was in California. And then it was – I was adopting a plant-based lifestyle where I would still you know I would – as long as it was vegan I would eat it. It could be anything, it could be veggie burgers, it could be you know California burrito but with no carne asada or cheese. As long as it was vegan and – literally to this day, that is the mentally I take with myself, with everything I do is can you do two steps more, two seconds more. Yeah and then those very long winded answer-

Jusstin: No, no, no. That’s good. That’s actually – that’s actually a nice philosophy that I might have to consider. Pushing yourself just a little bit more, not really considering you know, going the full length or getting to the end. Just getting a little bit further that you got to.

Eve: Everyday. Exactly. It’s such a cliche – it’s such a cliche quote, but I always have to use it. And that is “the journey of a thousand miles started with one step”. It’s so true – I mean like logically speaking.

Jusstin: Yeah it definitely – definitely is true. Now you said you adopted a plant-based diet. Do you continue with your I guess, vegan-ism, is that even a word?

Eve: No I don’t. Definitely don’t. I’m more Keto – well I am Keto. Like the Keto lifestyle. Coz like it’s still a diet but it’s like the life I choose. So it’s not like I ever cheat on these things. That’s when – I really – when I work one-on-one with people, I’m very specific about that. You’re not cheating on your life. You know people like ‘oh I’m having a cheat day’. No you’re not, you’re just enjoying food. You’re having a donut, you’re having you know bacon, you’re having a milkshake. Stop making these disconnections between ‘this is reality’ and then ‘this is when I’m actually eating the foods I like’. So right now I’m Keto, which is like high fat, high protein, lower carbohydrates. I still eat a lot of carbs, just I’m very specific where it comes from, because of the type of working out I do. I have to have a very specific diet if you will that promotes my fitness goals.

Jusstin: Gotcha, gotcha. Yeah, I mean I’ve wanted to do Keto for a long time, but I feel like I’m gonna miss the carbs. Like I love cheeseburgers, I love – I love fried rice and spaghetti. Like everything I love is a carb. So I’m just like ‘ugh I don’t know’. I don’t know like –

Eve: I didn’t think I could do it either.  I’m not here to promote it by any means, but I will tell you, I am like you know – like there’s – I would’ve been like the She-Hulk of carbs. Like give me my – like literally happiness to me was getting french bread from like – you guys have Albertsons. Like at 4 o’clock you know and that’s when the french bread comes out and you smell it. And you could just like – literally I can eat that whole bag on the way home. But what’s fascinating about carbohydrates and how we metabolize carbohydrates which you know convert to sugar on our body, when you don’t have it in your body, in your bloodstream, when you’re not processing it, you don’t crave it. That was my biggest concern, coz my boyfriend like Keto. Coz he’s on his own weight loss journey and I’m like ‘why not I’m always down for a challenge’, but I’m – if I want rice, I’m gonna have it. If I want bread I’m gonna have it. And now, I don’t miss it, which is – which is shocking. So I do eat burgers, I still eat cheese burgers, I just get it wrapped in lettuce. It’s still –  

Jusstin: Okay. I’ll try it once of these days.

Eve: Ohhh Man, you could follow me on Pinterest. I got some some killer Keto you could have – I know this isn’t gonna probably sound as delicious, but you could have your fried rice – instead of using rice, you use cauliflowers. So you ground the cauliflower.

Jusstin: Yeah I’ve seen it. I have a friend that’s been doing Keto and he’s showing me all the different things that he can eat and they look – I mean they look appetizing, I’m just I don’t know. I just have to make the switch. I just gonna do it so – I mean I went- I did like a low carb diet I don’t know, probably 5 or maybe not that long. Probably 3 or 4 years ago, and I dropped a good amount of weight, and I was feeling good and I was working out and doing all these other stuff and then I got back on the carb bandwagon and then like oh no. I don’t know if I wanna go back but-

Eve: She’s a sneaky little one that carbs girl.

Jusstin: Yeah for sure, for sure. Alright so let’s talk about weight release. What’s the difference between weight release and weight loss? Is there a difference? I know you-

Eve: In my personal opinion there isn’t. I didn’t create weight release. It’s something actually we have – I cannot remember this woman’s name.  I wanna be able to give her credit. When I was working for Tony Robbins we had something once or thrice a week called power talks, and we’ve had different guests coming in, talk to all of us coaches, and she came and talk to me about weight release. And this was like I’d already lost weight prior to working for Tony. But I like that concept of like you know you’re holding baggage and you know you – what I feel the weight loss in history has wrong is that they’re treating the effects, they’re not treating the cause.

So we’re like ‘oh I’m fat. Super fat I don’t like it.’ And you’re like ‘okay cool. So let’s  just give you a pill or let’s prescribe you with some exercise and some food that you probably won’t even like to eat anyway, and then you’re gonna lose weight.’ But for a lot of people, they’ll follow the same formula somebody else does that works for that person, so say they’re eating and exercising and they’re losing weight and it’s working. But then they’re prescribe it to somebody else and it doesn’t work. Well, there’s a lot of reason. It’s not because you’re a failure, it could be coz there’s things you have to release within yourself. Stress in itself creates the hormone cortisol in your body which is going to make you hold-on to fat, because it puts your body into that fight, flight, or freeze mode.

So if your body thinks that it’s being chased by a tiger like it did back in the day when cortisol was produced only when we were like in jungles and running from predators, it’s going to store fat not knowing when it’s going to come back. So if we’re in  stress filled state – so obviously tigers – unless we’re like in Texas or in the zoo, they’re not chasing us, you – you’re stressed because you’re in traffic, you’re stressed because you have financial problems, you’re stressed because of your relationship, you’re stressed because you’re unhappy. So we’re putting our bodies into this stress filled state all the time, and we’re trying to make it release weight when it can’t. So for me, I like to specifically work with that piece of it, when I do work with weight loss.

What are you holding on to? So even at a very simple form, if we look at semantics, when you hear the word lose or lost, the unconscious mind is going to think what ‘I need to find it. I lost something, where did it go?’ I lost my keys, I lost my dog, I lost my baby, I lost my marbles. You’re gonna want to find it. And that’s unconscious. So when we release something – when we release something and it is intentional, it is deliberate and it is conscious, we release a fish back into the water, we’ll release a balloon in the air, even though people – environmentalist don’t like that stuff. You’re intending to let it go. So when it comes to weight – in that moment for what if this time could be different for me, I was very – I wasn’t – I didn’t know I was telling the – you know my body ‘hey we’re about to do this’  but I decided in that moment I don’t want to keep entertaining this idea of suicide, of ending my life.

Like I’m a happy go lucky person, I just got some baggage I need to work through. I was deliberate in that moment. I’m ready to let this go. And that was one of the things that was stressing me out. I left the fiance at the time you know. Again bless the the dude, just wasn’t right for me. And sometimes we have to do that, we have to release partners, we have to release jobs, we have to release burdens in order to release the physical manifestation that we call fat.    

Jusstin: Okay, that’s pretty cool. Alright so let’s see. Let’s talk about Tony Robbins. So you said you worked for Tony Robbins. That’s cool by itself, but how did – like how did that even come like to fruition? Like how did you work for Tony?

Eve: Yeah it was – it was one of those things like ‘is this really happening?’ So I was in college at the time, this was – I was – I had like one class left. Or not one class left – I was only doing one class because I dropped out for a while, because I was taking care of my dad. My dad served – living at home, and so I was like ‘well I’ll go back for one class’, and I actually had an eBay store at the time. And I never thought I would ever do – like I never thought business minded. Like I’m an expressive extrovert, I’m very sloppy at times, and disorganized. I’m the creative brain so like everything is scattered. It will all get to point you know B eventually, but I’m gonna stick with point A for a while. But a gentleman and I knew – his mom really was like ‘you have a lot of potential, you could do business’. I’m like ‘what? I don’t even care about that stuff’. So I started and eBay store just to entertain that – I was selling all of my – my big girl clothes.

And it was selling, and I’m like ‘wow I’m making money and this is fun’ so then I turned it into a store. And I knew a girl named Ashley Tulin who works for Tony Robbins at the time, and then my best friend Delia – I was looking for a job and then Ashley got her a job with Tony Robbins, and then they needed a front desk receptionist. And so my best friend Delia called me and she’s like ‘hey are you looking for full time work?’ And I was like ‘no, I’m my own boss’ like ‘I’m making money on Ebay’. I felt like I was living the dream and she’s like ‘oh okay nevermind’. And I’m like ‘why?’, and she said ‘well we were looking for a front desk receptionist’ and I’m like ‘wait a minute, don’t  you work for Tony Robbins?’ and she’s like ‘yeah’, and I’m like ‘eBay is cool and all but that can go on the back burner’

Jusstin: For sure.

Eve:   So yeah, it was a grueling process to be applied. Because they usually only will hire from within or through their top agency. But if you are referred to one of their reputable employees, they will interview you. And it was 4 interviews, and the fourth – the fourth interview was their christmas party, where it was an ugly christmas sweater party, and part of that was to see if you would dress up. So they gave me all the details. ‘So your fourth interview is with Steve Ross the director of customer service, and we’re also having a christmas party you’re invited to. It’s an ugly christmas sweater party’. And I just – me being me I was like ‘oh yeah’. And not only am I gonna go, but I wanna win that competition. So ugliest christmas sweater humanly possible. I wore like christmas – huge christmas ornaments as earrings, they were impressed so I didn’t win the contest but I did get the job.

Jusstin: Okay. That’s an interesting process. Now you said you had an eBay store, I don’t know if I told you – I think i did tell you but me and my brother we have like an Amazon store we sell online, and that’s like one of our things that we do for extra money. Now, when did you start doing like the – like being your own boss and being an entrepreneur. When did you start pursuing that?

Eve: That was 2011. So it was probably – it was August of 2011. Because I was working – I went back into advertising and sales. I used to have a lot of corporate jobs where I used to sell like sponsorship ads for high school sports teams, and I was good at it but I wasn’t passionate about it. And so I left that job – it was August yeah 2011. I left that and I’m like ‘ugh I’m so tired of corporate jobs like I don’t wanna keep doing this’ but I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do with my life. So that’s when the guy that I was seeing – his mom was like ‘hey’ you know she’s an entrepreneur. Like she inspired me. Bless her, she’s actually passed on – her and my dad actually passed away like a month apart from each other interestingly.

She was like ‘you, you’ve got. Not everybody can be an entrepreneur, you can get it. I’m like ‘what? No’. So I watched her do it though. So she walked me through her whole process of having an eBay store, and she’s like ‘just give it a whirl’,  like ‘it’s really low risk’. And so what we would do is once I sold most of my like big girl clothes, I might need inventory but I don’t have financial capital at all. Like we’re talking – I was writing a cookbook, it still hasn’t been published coz I haven’t pursued it. It was called Broke Ass Vegan, coz I was vegan at the time.

Jusstin: I like that name. 

Eve: And I was like ‘how do you make ramen look healthy and fancy? You add broccoli and and soy sauce to it.’ I was broke. I was broke as a joke. And so what I would do though is I would go to like yard sales, and rummage sales, and then state sales, and I would buy things that looks like new or actually had tags, and then would re-sell them. So when I go to a rummage sale, if you’ve been to one of those, and it’s like the last day, it’s like ‘fill a bag for $5.’

Jusstin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Eve: When you average that out, you pay like 25 cents per item. So what I would do is –  my motto was charge less, sell more. So I would only sell these items of articles of clothing for like $2.95 on eBay, and my profit margin was you know 4 – more than 500% because of how cheap I would buy it. So I had a quick turnaround and low cost. So I just – I did that for a while. Like –

Jusstin: Okay. Cool, cool. Now thinking back, do you – do you think you were like an entrepreneur earlier in life, like as you were younger. I know for myself you know, I used to sell bootleg Cds. My brother used to sell like licorice, and bags of chips and candy and all sorts of other stuff. And now here we are, full blown entrepreneurs. Do you feel like you have any of that from when you were younger?

Eve: I definitely did. Like I was in – I used to play – my dad was so strange. I played boys league baseball. So I didn’t play softball, I played boys league baseball. So I was the only girl in the league. And you would sell like the candy bars and what not. And I was always really good at that stuff, although I was also really bad at it too, because I would eat half of the box and then have to do things to make the money. So like I was putting myself in debt at a very young age.

Jusstin: Awesome.

Eve: So I had to like validate myself. But yeah, I would say I would. You know I loved like those – when they – you know those – when you were elementary school and you have to like sell wrapping paper and like cookie dough? Like it was always the reward that I was after. And I also liked the presentation of being like ‘Hi I’m Eve. And here’s my catalog and look, don’t you love this cookie dough? You’ll really love it’ ’‘ So yeah I think I did have that. And at the – yeah, yeah, yeah. Coz I had to sell feder  tickets, I was always really good at that. I think I did have that spark. I just love people, and I think that’s true for introverts and extroverts.

Jusstin: Yeah for sure.

Eve: That you know if you enjoy people and if you enjoy talking to them and you – you’re clear on what end results is, I think you got the entrepreneurial spirit.

Jusstin: For sure, for sure. Alright cool. So let’s jump forward now. So you’re a life coach. Now did you – did you pursue life coaching because of working with Tony Robbins, or was this something that was like in the – in the making and you just – it just happened to you? Like how did  the life coaching come about?

You’re tuned into episode 22 of the Featured Fridays Podcast. For the show notes, go to socialintrovertdad.com/episode22 now back to the show

Eve: You know it’s funny because yes, I definitely did because of Tony Robbins. But when I was – I’ve been thinking back recently, coz I’m doing a lot of writing, and I’ve been doing a little bit more travelling and speaking and they’re always asking this kind of questions. And I start realizing, I’ve actually been a – like a mini life coach most of my life. Like I was on something – you may have had it in maybe you’re school’s, something called the peace patrol in elementary schools where you would wear this blue jackets, and you know this pink clipboards, and you’d walk around the school yard, and you’d look for fights, and you’d look for like people. I clearly – I went to a lot of ghetto schools.

Jusstin: Yeah. I didn’t – I didn’t have anything like that, but that sounds – that sounds interesting.

Eve: …and you would mediate. So there were like a series of questions you would ask, and I was the – I think from like second to fifth grade. And I love things like Crossing guard because you know, you’d always help people and make sure they got things safely and – my mom had a you know – her and I had an interesting dynamic growing up, because I kinda was her life coach you know when she was going back to the dating scene and she would confide in me, and I would always give her you know my little girl advice as best as I could. But I didn’t think I wanted to do that with my life until I started working for Tony, and I quickly started moving up in customer service. And there was a gentlemen who became my life coach before I was a coach named Shishen who I still talk to this day. He started mentoring me, it was an interesting experience how he and I came to know each other, and I thought – like I – talk about weight release.

Like I had lost 150 lbs but I was still 340 lbs in my mind. Like I would carefully sit down on chairs, coz I was afraid I would break them. I had something what I call phantom fat syndrome where I still felt like I was 340 lbs. So like I would see a size large pants, and I’m like ‘that won’t even fit over my ankles’ you know. But it was my size, so it was – through working with him and coaching with him, he helped me to understand if you’re still holding to a lot of baggage from your childhood, and you’re holding on to an old identity that is no longer around. So once I went to that experience with him and saw the shift it did for me, I was like ‘holy shit’. Like I need – I wanna do this for other people. And – and so I just started doing it for free, I started treating my first client, she was a personal trainer, so she became my personal trainer, and I became her life coach. And then I literally traded for a while.

Jusstin: That’s – that’s a nice trade.

Eve: Yeah.

Jusstin: That’s really a nice trade. I actually had like a – I would say maybe a similar experience. I went through – I went through a transformation course, I don’t know if you’re familiar with like the world of transformation, where I got a chance to talk to like – I guess a transformation coach, and he helped me deal with some stuffs that I was going through, you know from a past relationship, and I was like ‘you know I’d love to be able to you know do this for other people’ like ‘I would love to be a Tony Robbins, but maybe not like on that scale’. Like I’m not trying to have that many people you know. I would love to do something maybe one-on-one or in small groups, or something like that. So it’s – it’s always been something that’s been you know in the back of my mind that I wanna do, and people come to me for advice and all that good stuff so I’m pretty good with working with people. It’s just I haven’t had a chance to really pursue it just because  have other things going on. But I definitely wanna do that in the very near future. So that’s – that’s a good idea for at least – for getting like your first couple of clients, because until you have clients, nobody knows what you can do – and all that good stuff.

Eve: Exactly! And it’d been such a process in that regard of like – even when you go through trainings, you have to practice. And  you know someone like yourself, you – I’m sure you’re a natural. And yes, certifications help you to hone in on your skills, and they help you to have more structure. Like you know when you’re a natural born coach, or mediator, you can kinda navigate through those conversations. But a lot of it is just getting your feet wet you know,  practicing anything. I’m a firm believer that practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent.   

Jusstin: Yeah for sure. So how long have you been coaching now?

Eve: Coaching! It’s been 5 years. Funny enough, wow we hit the 5 year mark.  Yes, 5 years that it has been like official that I started actually taking clients.  

Jusstin: Cool, cool, cool. Now did you – what’s the – what’s the coaching thing. Is it the international coaching federation or something like that?

Eve: Well actually – yes there is that. I didn’t go through that. I went through Tony Robbins AST training.

Jusstin: Gotcha.   

Eve: And so that was the main certification, and then I went through NLP training, which is Neuro Linguistic Programing, and that’s a lot of – Tony took a lot his teachings from NLP. And so that’s the body, mind, spirit, connection that’s – you know when you can really hone in on your focus, your language, and your physiology, that’s like the trian – that’s the triangle of transformation is focus, language, and physiology. When you’ve been engaged in those three components, you will transform your life. So I went through those two and then I’ve gone through – like I was a seminar junkie for quite a while.

Jusstin: Okay.

Eve: Yeah let’s learn about this, let’s learn about that, let’s do this, let’s do that.

Jusstin: Awesome, awesome. Well what was your – what was your – what has been your favorite like seminar?

Eve: I love the NLP but I’m – oh god that’s such a good question. Like Tony Robbins UPW the Unleash the Power Within events, it’s hard to top that because it’s 4 days with him –

Jusstin: Yeah it’s crazy.

Eve: Most – and most days are literally about 15 hours. No joke. And – but you’re so ‘rawrr’ the whole time that you’re totally like – it’s like being in a casino, you don’t even know what time it is. He is like squandering and gambling with your time. It’s like oh my god I’m so… But honestly you know thinking about it for the – you know the Millionaire Mindset Intensive. If it ever comes to anywhere by Riverside, or whoever is listening, if the Millionaire Mindset Intensive ever comes to you, I highly recommend it. That and UPW are my two favorites. It’s free for starters to go. So you have to pay if you want to be like VIP or platinum seating.  But what’s nice is if you go for general admission – most general admission get bumped to the front if they’re not sold out. And it’s – it’s 3 days.

I think it’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and it’s all about – I thought I was just gonna learn about money. I thought I was just gonna learn like why I suck with money. And you – you know like they talk about like weight loss, calories in vs calories out, while money is you know – money in, money out. But it taught you so much about your relationship with flow and with money and – like we were like crying in the seminar, like we were doing some heavy work. Like I was on stage at one point and they were teaching me how to receive because that was part of my problem with money is I don’t know how to receive. Not just money, not just gifts, but just receive in general. So I’m sitting on stage and I’m just crying. And I remember looking around me like ‘I thought I was gonna learn how to be a millionaire’.    

Jusstin: Oh man.

Eve: So yes, it’s amazing. It was incredible. The tools to this day are invaluable. His – the – my biggest take away – I’ll just share it with you all. From that conference was an acronym he came up with which has TFAR which is T-F-A-R. And when you chunk it down, that means your thoughts become your feelings, and then your feelings become your actions, and then your actions become your results. And for so many people we go straight to ‘I wanna change my results. I wanna get something different in life’. But realistically if you’re going to make a lasting change and build a new habit, you have to start with your thoughts, you have to assess your feelings, and then really look at what actions you’re taking. So even that in itself was worth the 3 days.

Jusstin: Yeah for sure. I like that. I make sure I scribble that down really quick. Alright so we’re getting – we’re coming closer to the end and I know we got like an hour blocked. There was something that I noticed on your website called the Discovery Dyet. What was – what’s the Discovery Dyet? And then is there a reason why it’s spelled with a Y instead of an I?  

Eve: Yes there is. So the wonderful and lovely Naomi Teeter, she is the owner and Founder of Inspire Transformation, she’s a woman that – she’s been following me for – she’s following me for a little while, and she started noticing that we kinda have this similar message, and she reached out to me and was like ‘hey’ you know like ‘I think you’re cool’ you know ‘I think we’re both trying to help people lose weight’ – coz she used to be over 300 lbs as well, and lost it the all natural way and kept it off. And so we decided to do an event called the – 5 day free event called Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Weighed 300 Pounds. So that’s still accessible on the interweb, if anybody is listening.  

Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Weighed 300 Pounds, it’s a 5 day wellness event that her and I created. And then from there we were like – we don’t know, what if we actually created like a weight loss program, you know with both of our trainings – coz she’s a coach, she’s a health coach. So she’s – if people out there need help with diet, and weight, and like exercise, she is your girl. She works with like the logistics of it, where I’m more of the – the filler that – ‘let’s talk about your emotions’ and we still do that work too, but she’s really good with helping me all prepping and planning and all that jazz. So we came up with Discovery Dyet, and D-Y-E-T because we wanted to take back the word diet. Her and I hated the word diet, and why we use the letter Y is because that’s ultimately the secret to your success. When you know why you’re doing something, that’s what keeps you committed. So people asks me all the time ‘how do you stay motivated? I wish I was as motivated as you’. I make them sound so annoying I’m sorry. Sounds like a girl whining. But it really is so simple, and having been on both sides of this journey, and wanting to always have the answers on how to change our life, and I read something and it sounded it’s so simple and I’m like ‘it can’t be that simple, it has to be complicated and hard’.

And realistically well it  is that simple, that it’s – when you know why, when you’re so focused on a strong  and compelling why, nothing will stop you. And so you know this is – we’ve structured the Discover Dyet to be the last diet you ever go on, because it – what’s neat is it’s rooted in your personality. So right out the gate with Discovery Dyet, you take a personality assessment, so you understand if you’re an expressive, an amiable, a driver, or an analytical. And based of that, you then have your 250 plus page workbook which breaks down ‘this is what your personality will act like with food, with exercise, with stress, and will relationship’. So it’s – it’s really amaze – like the roadmap for you on your health journey to embrace who you are more, but also to understand what method to take for weight loss.

Jusstin: Wow that’s sounds – that sounds impressive and sounds like something I might – I might need to checkout myself. Coz I would love to lose some weight and probably gain some muscle and all that good stuff. Cool, cool. Now that’s pretty much it for like the general questions I have for you. Now I have like some closing questions. Let’s say you could go back 5 years, what is something that you could – you wish you can go back 5 years and tell yourself to help you along with your journey?  

Eve: That is such a beautiful question Jusstin. So 2012 eve –

Jusstin: Yes.

Eve: Oh my god –

Jusstin: Go further if you want to, but 2012 is good too.

Eve: I think just that – you know the first thing that just flash in my mind is you’re enough, that you know you don’t – there’s a song lyric that says ‘you don’t have to try so hard, you don’t have to give it all away’ and I think it’s something that I wish I could have given – that I’m giving to myself now that I wish my younger self – even as short as 5 years, 10 years, 15 years ago, that you know – you – you don’t have to be anything that you aren’t. That exactly who you are, is exactly you are meant to be. And comparison is the death of our – is the – is the killer of uniqueness. And I would tell her yeah, you are enough and that’s – you – you don’t have to try so hard, just be you.

Jusstin: Okay. I like that, I like that. As far as collaboration, are there any dream collaborators that you would love to work with on a project or anything like that?

Eve: Oh my god, there’s millions. Yes. Dream collaborator – I would love – universe hear my prayer. I would love to collaborate with Danielle Laporte. If you don’t know who she is, either you Jusstin or anybody listening, she has something called – she has a book called The Discovery – or Discovery – I was gonna say Discovery Dyet. Look at that, I’m already slipping but believe me I’m the same person, and she sends something out called Truth Bombs every single day and they’re free. And there’s so – I wish I had – I don’t have the decorate next to me. But they’re these neat little like short affirmations, intentions, hymns, whatever you wanna call them – of just like keeping it real. Like she’s like a – if you ever heard the term ‘spiritual gangster’, she’s kind of that in my thoughts.  I would love to collaborate with her, or Hay House, I’d love Hay House. They are a publishing company that published everybody from Wayne Dyer, to Deepak Chopra, to all of the great – Hay House, Danielle Laporte, I really wanna be on the Today show, I have a lot of funny stories about the Today show. One day I would love to collaborate with the Today show. Somehow, someway.

Jusstin: That would be pretty cool, that would be pretty cool. Speaking of shows, I did forget something. I saw that you had a segment on The Doctors? Is that correct?

Eve: That is correct, yeah. That was such a – that was such a random funny experience.

Jusstin: Yeah I’ve never – Now I’ve never actually watched The Doctors, I’ve heard of it. It’s the actual TV show on like TV, correct?

Eve: Yeah it’s kind of structured like Doctor Oz’s show is. And fun fact, I’d never watched The Doctors either prior to being on their show. I’m not a big daytime television person. But yeah, that was so me. Like I – when I first – so I started Inspirational Eve in 2012 and it was just a homework assignment, funnily enough it’s turned into – and it was just a Facebook page which has now turned into what is going -an internationally known Facebook Page for inspiration for people. So I tell you that because I want people to know as small as your starting, you have no idea where your dreams can take you.

Jusstin: For sure.

Eve: But with regards to – I’m trying to backtrack and remember what I was saying about Facebook and The Doctors. So I – when I moved to Denver, I started inspirational Eve full time as my number one business career. And I just started contacting TV shows and magazines and agencies, and I’m like ‘hey this is my name, this is what I’m doing, I’d love to collaborate’. And when they wouldn’t respond back I’d send another email. And when I still didn’t hear back, I’d send another email.  And finally The Doctors was like ‘okay, we’ll listen’. And they pulled me out. They loved my weight loss story and they pulled me out, and paid for everything, stayed in a really nice hotel, pick me up in a black car and yeah.

Jusstin: Alright.

Eve: So I made them. I was like – I kept banging on the door. I’m like ‘until you open’.

Jusstin: Sometimes you have to do that. It’s one thing that we say – in sales is – I don’t even know what the saying is *I remembered it’s “The Fortune is in the Follow up”* but it’s ‘you gonna continue to follow up. Like a lot of people will only follow up you know 2, 3, 4 times, and it’s really not until you follow up that 5th, 6th, 7th, 11th, 12th time, that’s where a lot of the money – that’s where a lot of opportunity is. And that’s the reason why a lot of people don’t succeed is because they give up too soon. They catch a couple nose in the face and they’re – and they’re done. And like ‘you know what this sucks I don’t like this, I’m gonna go back to doing whatever it was I was doing before, and we’re just gonna do something different’. So that’s good that you kept with it. Now you said Inspirational Eve was a homework assignment originally? How did that work out?

Eve: Yes funnily enough. So I mentioned the gentleman named Shishen who is my original life coach, and I kept telling him I’m like ‘I really want’ – this was 2012 – ‘I really wanna help people, I really wanna help people’. And he’s like ‘well it’s time you start doing something’. And I was like ‘well I don’t know what though. How do you even start?’ I don’t – I’m like ‘I’m not even a coach yet’ like – he’s like ‘you just start’. He’s like ‘I don’t know start a Facebook following’. And I’m like ‘what do you mean?’, and he said ‘well just – okay so your homework this week Eve is start a facebook page so that people can start coming to you for inspiration and like weight loss help’. And I’m like ‘okay but what i’m gonna call it? What am I gonna post?’ He’s like ‘Eve it’s your homework assignment’. Call it Inspirational Eve for all I care, just do it’. And I was like ‘fine I’m just gonna call it Inspirational Eve’ So I went on there and signed up as Inspirational Eve, I put a picture up and I was like ‘I guess I’ll just’ – then I found a meme that was inspirational and I started at that.

Jusstin: Alright. That’s pretty cool, that’s pretty cool. Again, it’s grown into all these stuff so you never know – never know where it’s gonna go.

Eve: Never know. Look at life as failures. I mean you certainly can, you’re allowed to. But life is made up of a series of either learning experiences or failures. And then it’s up to us to decide which one we want to label it as and – and anybody – anytime you read any book by somebody who’s successful, famous, or powerful, or has any sort of stature, they talk about – they failed more than they’ve ever succeeded. And that is why you have to have a relationship – if you wanna be successful, you have to have a relationship with failure. Because you are going to get to know her very well.

Jusstin: Yes, yes you will. Yes you will. Awesome, awesome. Okay so do you have any – any tips for any up and coming life coaches, entrepreneurs, people that you know are looking to lose weight, you go ahead and pick. Whoever you wanna give a tip to.

Eve: I will give the same tip to every single one of those people. And that is just keep going. And again, talk about simple. As somebody who has kept 150 lbs. off my body for 7 years, as somebody who has spent so much of my life of freed, and scared of going after what I really want – and even to this day, I’m not gonna act like I’m not scared. Like I have this really big project I’m working on here in Denver called Body Logs, and it is so exciting and so fuckin’ scary, and I’m like ‘what am I doing? I’m not qualified’. But I’m you know, I’m stepping into the face of fear. It’s just keep going, you know if you have a dream, if you have a goal, if you have a vision in mind – I don’t care if there were people in your life currently, formally, whatever – that have told you you won’t make it, don’t listen to them. You as an individual get to choose who you listen to, and that’s both your internal talk and the external talk that comes your way. Just keep going. If you fail 7 times, get up 8 times. I love that quote. Literally when people say what is your number one reason for being a weight loss success if you will,  is I never gave up. And really that is what it is. When I would hit a plateau and I look at that business, I look at that and everything, if I hit a plateau, I change my approach. If it gets boring, I change my approach. I just keep going, and that’s what I would say to anybody who is feeling unmotivated, uninspired or like the wind has been knocked out of them,  just keep going. Remember those baby steps we talked about?

Jusstin: Yup.

Eve: – a little bit ago?  Put one foot in front of the other.

Jusstin: Awesome, awesome. Okay what is Body Logs by the way? I wanted to ask about that. I’m glad you brought that up, because I had it here on my computer but I wasn’t looking at that screen and I’m like ‘oh that’s right’. So what is Body Logs?

Eve: All kinds of goodies. So Body Logs is an episodic style performance that I have created. I actually wrote it like 6 years ago,  7 years ago. So episodic style performance, what do I mean by that? It’s if  you’ve ever heard of the Vagina Monologues? Or Mending Monologues? It’s that style where it’s a combination of different voices – female voices. But not just about the vagina this time, it’s about the whole body. Because I’m of the school of thought that every body has a story, and It’s time that yours gets told.

Some people’s body log, body story is a comedy, some is a tragedy, some is melodic, some is spoken word, and so I have decided rather than me just writing these monologues, and then me hire actresses to performance, what if I cast 11 women in a show where we write it together and then perform it together. And so that is what it has become. So it’s happening in September, it looks like I am bidding,  I’m going to see my last theater on Sunday, and then I’m bidding on my theater. So we’ll  the second weekend in September. It is Friday, Saturday, Sunday performance. I’m taking worldwide submissions, I’m doing a creative art project for the lobby of the show, where I’m taking men and women’s body logs – so their stories – taking submissions online. You can go to my website and find that. You can leave me a one word answer what your body means to you, or you can write me your life story or full paragraph.

So many people hate themselves Jusstin. It’s astonishing and I’ve taken submissions everywhere from Haiti, to South Africa, to Ireland, Belgium, England, China, Canada. And what I’m noticing is it’s the same story over and over again. I’m not good enough, I’m not good enough, I’m not fit enough, I’m not capable, I’m afraid I’m not gonna be loved, and I really feel it’s important that we bring this issue to the forefront and discuss that we’re – we’re down playing how amazing we are as human beings because of comparison, and because of our past experiences. So what’s the best way to get a message across? In my personal opinion it’s through art. So that’s why I decided to make it a play.

Jusstin: Okay that sounds pretty cool. Awesome, awesome. Alright so who or what inspires you?

Eve: Ohhh fun ques… – you have such good questions. Can I just say that?

Jusstin: Thank you, thank you.

Eve: You get the award for asking great questions. Who or what inspires me. Oh my god so much my dear. Music. I’m actually choreographing this entire show, and not just with music but through music. So I listen to music to tell me a story. Like that is something – any song tells a story. Even if there’s no lyrics. It takes you on a road, on a dance, and so I listen to music and I listen to the ebb and the flow of the journey it takes you on. Laughter inspires me. Coffee shops – whenever I’m writing anything of significance, I spend hours upon hours upon hours in coffee shops. Just being around other people’s energy, you know listening to people talk, and watching them crunch on deadlines, and – I love that.

Coffee definitely inspires me. I love tarot cards funnily enough – tarot cards inspired me.I’m definitely – people are like ‘what that’s woo woo or witchy’. I just think it’s awesome because they’re just full of wisdom, and messages, and I’ll just pull a random card and it’ll be like ‘you need to work on your compassion’, and I’m like ‘I do need to work on my compassion’. Yeah people – people and energy, people and energy. Really really – mountains, the mountains inspire me also. Living in the rocky mountains really is inspiring.

Jusstin: Yeah. I’m sure it’s – it’s nice location, nice views. I spent I wanna say like 2 or 3 days in Salt Lake City, Utah a few years back and it’s – it’s actually a nice place to be. So I don’t know, it’s not the same as you know Colorado, but it’s like those – what is it the Four Corners – or the Four – I don’t’ remember what it is. I remember it from geography class. But like all those states in that rocky mountain like area, it’s all – it’s nice. The weather is nice, it’s beautiful, there’s foliage you know. 

Eve: That was something I so so excited about being here, we get seasons. Not in California, you get spring and summer, so this was such a nice change. 

Jusstin: Yeah, yeah. We get spring and summer for sure. Summer is coming to. Awesome. Okay so what else do you got going on? What’s next on the horizon? 

Eve: My gosh, you know it’s funny. I tell to you take baby steps, and then it’s funny coz I tend to take leaps. That’s why probably I promote baby steps. You know from here, I really need to write my book. I’m actually – I’m speaking at a conference in May, so next month. It’s called Girl Live, Break Free, and it’s with Girl Clothing. You know I wanna do more collaborations with companies like that who are you know – It’s funny because I started all of this – I’m gonna be really real with you for a second. I started Inspirational Eve completely out of ego, because I did lose 150 lbs and I wanted people to be proud of me, and I wanted people to tell me I was good enough because I didn’t feel like I was good enough. And through this journey of 5 years of being inspirational Eve and having to really own what that means to me, I have learned that it really has nothing to do with me, it has all to do with you of you know – allow me to be an example of what’s possible when you choose yourself.

So really this next level is I want more collaborations, I want to work more on issues that really matter to me like body acceptance, like working with people on self-worth and self-acceptance. Because things like weight, and you know being broke, and being unhappy in your life, those are just effects, those aren’t the cause. And I really want to work with groups – coz one-on-one you don’t get as much impact – I want to work with groups. I’m really getting to the epicenter of what’s holding them back from their authentic happy selves, and how to really thrive in this world.   

Jusstin: Okay.

Eve: I really wanted more of that.

Jusstin: That’s pretty cool. Sounds good, sounds good. Alright so where can people connect with you further? You have inspirationaleve.com, do you have any social media that you’d like to promote or anything like that people can look up and find your stuff?

Eve: Oh yes. I’m very active on my social media. I learned that that is key. So I’m on Facebook as Inspirational Eve. Everyday I’m posting all kinds of Facebook lives and memes, and all these kind of funny thing, inspirational things. I’m on Instagram, I’m really big on Instagram stories as Inspirational Eve. I’m on Pinterest as Inspirational Eve, so for any of you who are looking for – I mean I have a board for all kinds of different healthy eating, fun living happiness. Discovery Dyet also has social media as well, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. And then I’m on Twitter as Inspiration Eve, because believe it or not there’s another Inspirational Eve already on Twitter.

Jusstin: Oh wow.

Eve: There is an impostor. So yes, you can find me pretty much anywhere on the interweb as Inspirational Eve.

Jusstin: Okay. Cool. And I’ll make sure to link all that up on the show notes so you know, if you’re listening you don’t have to try to remember that or pullover and try to jot that down, and all that good stuff.

Eve: Its a long word I’m realizing I’ve been trying to think of how I can hyphenate this. I’m like I-N-S-P-I-R-A oh my god.

Jusstin: I mean it’s not that bad. I’ve seen worse. It’s something that’s actually searchable. I mean people search for inspiration, that’s a good opportunity for people to just stumble across your site. It’s actually good, coz what a lot of people don’t realize, and what I’ve been telling people more recently when they wanna do websites and stuff like that is you want something that’s searchable. Like I could be jusstinwilliams.com but nobody is really searching Jusstin Williams, not right now at least you know.  

Eve: Not yet, not yet.

Jusstin: Exactly. They’re not doing it yet. And when I get to that point to where maybe people are looking for me specifically, maybe I can start a new – another website or just buy the domain and link straight to the website I have now. But you want something that’s searchable because that’s where you’ll get organic traffic and people that just happen upon you that aren’t necessarily looking for you, but then when they find you they’re like ‘wow’ like ‘where have you been all my life.’ you know.

Eve: Yes, so true.

Jusstin: Yeah so that’s pretty cool.  Is there anything else that we didn’t touch upon, that you’d like to share with the audience? I know you – you got a lot of stuff going on so I wanna make sure I give you all the time that I can to share with everyone.

Eve: Oh you’re such a sweetie. No I honestly think this is a really great clif notes version of you know – if you’re looking for inspiration, if you’re looking to make a change in your life. It’s a lot simpler that you think. If you do need help definitely reach out. I’m a – obviously we talked about that, I’m a life coach. And most importantly I make a lot of my content free online. I’m on youtube, that’s the other piece – I’m on youtube, and I’m actually doing the ABCs of weight release. So for those of you who maybe heard of weight release and liked it, I think we’re on letter – I think we’re – U. I think this week is U and T. So we’re almost to the end. So you can watch all of those and find all my other funny and solid videos on youtube as well, under Inspirational Eve.   

Jusstin: For sure, for sure. Alright. I will definitely check that out coz that sounds – that sounds pretty cool. Alright and that’s pretty much it. Now at this point, every guest that I have I think – not every guest, sometimes I forget. Most guest that I have get an opportunity to ask a question of the day. That’s a question that you get to ask to the audience, not to me. Coz some people sometimes take that opportunity to ask me questions, but you can ask any questions you want. It could be market research, it could be something funny, it can be anything you want at all. It’s a good opportunity to find out what other people are thinking as far as who’s listening. Some people answer, maybe nobody answers, you’ll never know. But I’m stalling for you, in case you’re still looking for questions.

Eve: I love questions, so I’m like – you know there’s the usual – I’m just gonna make up with this one, rather than it making it all meaningful. If you – what – if you could be any sandwich at subway, which sandwich would you be? Like what sandwich at subway represents your personality and your model of the world, and why?

Jusstin: Awesome. That is a very unique question. I love that, that’s an awesome question.

Eve: I am of the school of thought that you can tell somebody’s fortune by how they order at subway, so that’s why I’m curious to see what people say.

Jusstin: Okay, cool. Well that’s – that’s good. Well Eve, thanks for spending a good hour with me just kicking in having fun. I definitely had a good time with this interview. Learned some things, I had a little bit of some notes here on my desk. So yeah it was a lot of fun, thanks for taking the time.   

Eve: Oh my goodness, thank you so much. I’m so grateful for the opportunity. You’re a blast. I look forward to hearing more of your awesome podcast.

Jusstin: For sure. Well you have a nice day!

Eve: You too. Bye everybody!

Alright that was episode 22 of Featured Fridays with Inspirational Eve. I hope you guys enjoyed that episode as much as I enjoyed recording it. I had a whole lot of fun talking to Eve and learning some new stuff. Be sure to connect with Eve further at her website inspirationaleve.com. You can catch her on all of her social media which I have linked up in the show notes at socialintrovertdad.com/episode22. Don’t forget to check her out live in Las Vegas May 20th and 21st, she’s going to be speaking at the Girl Clothing Break Free Live Event, which I will also link up in the show notes. And if you’re a woman and you feel like your body has a story, then maybe Body Logs is something that you want to checkout. Body Logs is an episodic type performance that’s geared towards bringing the conversation of body images to audiences in the Denver area. Eve is taking submissions until July 1st, doesn’t matter where you’re at, she’s taking worldwide submissions. So be sure to connect with her again on her website inspirationaleve.com. That’s all I have for you guys today. Like I said, I hope you guys had an awesome time listening to this episode. And if you have – if you found any type of value, if you’ve laughed, if you’ve cried, if you’ve related with this episode at all, then all I ask is you give me a share, a like, a comment. Because the best way that you can I guess show your appreciation to me for this podcast is just to share it with your friends and family. And that’s all I have for you guys today. I will see you guys next time. Peace out.

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