Featured Fridays Episode 21

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“I think my first day,  I did a Facebook message to all my Facebook friends – all of them. Back in the day I think the format was different. And I wrote the longest essay… “

This is episode 21 of Featured Fridays with your host, the Social Introvert Dad. Welcome to the Featured Friday’s podcast, where each episode we bring to you an inspiring person or topic to help you move one step closer to your goals. I am your host Jusstin Williams, the Social Introvert Dad. Now without further ado, let’s get into the show.

Jusstin: Alright! As you’ve heard, this is Featured Fridays. I’m your host Jusstin Williams, the Social Introvert Dad, and I am happy to be with you guys here today. Now I know I’ve been gone for a minute, like three months or so, and I kind of needed that break you know. I needed to take a little bit of time off just so I could really hone in on the episode and the blog. I know I was talking about working nights the last few episodes, and that was kinda screwing with my schedule. But now that I’m back on days, I’m ready to go. So this is my first official episode back, I actually recorded an update episode probably a couple hours ago that I’ll release a little bit ahead of this. But yeah, I got my first guest here. He’s a good friend of mine, Mr. Jesse Belvin. Thank you for being here with me today man.

Jesse: Absolutely Bro.

Jusstin:: Awesome, awesome. Like I said I was talking to you earlier, we’ve changed up the format a little bit, there’s no scripting for the questions. He hasn’t gotten any of the topics ahead of time. We’re just gonna kinda talk, and see how it goes, see how you guys like it. But for the few people who don’t know who you are Jesse. Do me a favor, just give them a little bit of your – I like to call it your origin story. Like how did you come up and all that good stuff.

Jesse: Yeah absolutely. Thank you again man for allowing me to come on here. It’s incredible to see kind of where you’ve been able to take this entire brand. The podcast, everything, it’s really awesome. I know for my wife and I, we just love sitting back and seeing what you’re doing, and really adding value to entrepreneurship in general.

Jusstin:: Thank you, thank you.

Jesse: So yeah. So my story is really simple, everybody says that. I’m actually from Washington state, I pretty much had every job you can think of, become an entrepreneur. Almost by accident about five years ago, got into network marketing, did really well with my first company that I was with for about three years, ended up actually kinda bouncing around from a few companies, had success in pretty much everything in this profession that I’ve ever tried to do, and you know I have found myself I guess company-less in 2015. Very vulnerable, you know I was making really good income, supporting my entire family, and then found myself at zero the very next day, after our company had been bought out, and then got into internet marketing and started – created a brand, a blog, really started figuring stuff out online, and just like everything I don’t know if it’s luck or just because of hard work. I started having a lot of success in that.

Jusstin:: Nice, nice.

Jesse: And you know now, I find myself you know just with multiple projects and you know  it’s 2017 all ready to rock.

Jusstin: Awesome man, that’s pretty cool man. Now I – I always startup with a few like warm up questions for all of my guests, just so we can be kinda consistent to show that everybody has got like a different background, as far as like your origin story. The next question I usually ask is, did you go to college and if you did, did you graduate from college.

Jesse: Okay so something I actually don’t tell very many people, I did go to college, but I went for about – I don’t even know how it works. I think I went for about a semester and half, or a quarter and a half or whatever they break it up into. I don’t even really remember. I went to community college up in Vancouver, Washington, and I remember just being so – you know my advice for people like – I always tell people like if you’re gonna go to school, have an idea of what you wanna do beforehand you know. Don’t get caught up in the pressure that you know, you have to go to school.

Jusstin: Exactly.

Jesse: Make sure you graduate.

Jusstin: Exactly.

Jesse: You know ‘coz I don’t know if you knew this, but school is expensive and – so anyways yeah. I found myself not really fired up about what I was doing, really didn’t know which direction I wanted to go, and I actually walked out mid-class. So I did go to school but I did not graduate.

Jusstin: Alright, alright. Hey man, no worries there. Atleast you got out after a semester or semester and a half, I went for years and years and years before I realized that school was not what I wanted to do with my life and I wish I could get some of that money back and a lot of that time back. But you know hey, here we are. Next thing I always ask everybody is do you feel like you identify more as an introvert or an extrovert?

Jesse:   I’m definitely I would say an extrovert, but with like a little bit of a twist. I love being around people you know, or I did. I love you know parties and hanging out being that guy, but ever since getting married and you know having a kid, I really feel like I’ve been grounded a lot and I haven’t had the urge to be around people as much. Maybe some of that’s – because in internet marketing you know it’s not certain based, and it’s more of sales-driven but I just- I found myself – you know if I have free time, I just want to kick it on the couch with my wife and watch movies. I don’t really wanna go out and be around people. So you know am I outgoing? Yeah I’m outgoing but do I really wanna be around people? Not really.

Jusstin: Okay, okay. No worries. That’s kinda how I am. I like to stay home most of the time. Like even yesterday. I was working on some stuff at home on the computer. I probably stayed in the house all day. I don’t think I – actually I didn’t leave the house once until like 10PM, and when I left it was like – it was wet outside. I was like ‘it freaking rained today? Like what’s going on?’ I didn’t even realize coz I just been so zoned in on the computer, and I was like ‘well it’s getting late I should get some coffee so I can keep going’. Damn that’s crazy. Now when would you say your first experience with entrepreneurship was?

Jesse: Well it was definitely network marketing. Now the thing I wanna clarify you know, I’m one of the people that don’t believe just getting into network marketing makes you an entrepreneur. You know, there’s a mindset switch, you know there’s a lot of dedication that you gotta be willing to put in.

Jusstin: Yeah for sure.

Jesse: And I’m not sure exactly where -you know I guess everything really clicked and switched for me. It’s definitely at the end of my first years where I started having a lot of success.

Jusstin: Okay.

Jesse: But yeah. I would definitely say that network marketing was my first you know – my first taste I guess.You know making the full time income, realizing – listen I – there’s no way I can go back to a job and have somebody tell me what to do when they go to the bathroom, that sort of thing so..

Jusstin: Gotcha, gotcha. Now would you say that there were any like earlier instances maybe like when you were younger, like selling anything or anything like that. ‘Coz I know for me when I was growing up, I didn’t realize this were like entrepreneur like tendencies, but like I used  to sell burned CDs, I used to like do like little odds and ends to make a little bit of extra money. I never like made a lot of money to like buy stuff, but it was definitely cool just going out there and enterprising for myself. Even my little brother, one time he bought like a tub of that red vine licorice and he was like selling like a couple of sticks to his friends for like a dollar at school, and he got in trouble and all that sort of stuff. So definitely, one trend I’ve seen from some other entrepreneurs, definitely not all, is that there were earlier like hints that this is like what you’re gonna end up doing. Did you feel like there’s anything like that for you?

Jesse: So yes and no. Okay so let me – It’s funny you said the burnt CDs because I was actually gonna tell you no, nothing, nothing you know like I said this has just totally fell into my lap. But when I was in middle school -look I was always the kid with the job. So I was always the kid that was working you know at a young age. My parents made me buy my you know – my way into sports, you know anything that I wanted I had to pay for myself, which I appreciate you know obviously now. But it’s funny ‘coz I think it was in middle school, we were burning CDs, or maybe it was like fifth grade or sixth grade actually we – my brother had – you know he was one of the early kids with the CD burner and like Napster or whatever it was – Limewire I don’t really remember but yeah I was – we were burning CDs and selling them for five bucks a pop and I think it was – you know I’ve never been a good salesman, I’ve just always been you know I guess money hungry you know. I’m always trying to hustle but I never really considered it an entrepreneur thing bt yes, definitely fifth or sixth grade I was – I was selling CDs for sure.

Jusstin: Alright. Cool, cool. Hey man, like it’s crazy ‘coz when I was – it’s not until maybe the last couple of years that I even realized that that was like hint of being an entrepreneur. Like I used to say the same thing – like when I first got into network marketing in this and that and the others, like that was like my first real experience with like being your own boss, and being an entrepreneur and all that other stuff, but then I start to think back and this is like oh shit, like I used to do all of these other things that – I mean technically that’s what being an entrepreneur is. It’s going out there and you know doing your own thing and enforcing your own path. So it’s definitely fun to think back and kinda see that, and just to see how that like impacts – impacts my daughter because one time she went to school, and this is back when she was in kindergarten. And I picked her up from daycare, and I brought her home and I noticed that she had like this little box with her and I’m like – I was like ‘Addison like what’s this box?’, like ‘why did you take this to school with you’, right? So I opened the box up and she had like her house shoes, and like ‘why did you take your house shoes with you to school?’ And she’s like ‘oh because they were too small so I took the to school to try to sell them’. And I was like what? Like that’s so crazy. Like you don’t realize how much like your kids are like watching you and all these things. So it’s just fun to see how that impacts them. Now back to like the network marketing stuff, how did you first like even get introduced to network marketing? Was it like a friend that kind of like drag you to a meeting or something like that?

Jesse: It was actually – like I said I’m from Washington State. One of my friend who is a pro golfer ,he’s my age, like best friends growing up, he was down there in San Diego golfing with actually a couple mutual friends like you and I both know.

Jusstin: Okay.

Jesse: And he called me and he said ‘hey man like I you tired of working your job?’ and I said of course I am. And he said hey I think I found something that we can jump into and make some money. And I knew of the industry, I was a little jaded on him, a little ignorant on it but-

Jusstin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jesse: When I looked at it, and I said I – I really – this is what it came down to. I said ‘listen if I do this, and I you know and I fail, I’m in the same spot I’m in. But if I don’t do it and my friend like he’s rich when he was trying to tell me about it, I’ll like kill myself’. So that’s really what got me into it. One of my good friends Austin Prince if he’s listening, yeah.

Jusstin: Awesome, awesome. I had a similar situation ‘coz my brother and his best friend decided that they were gonna get their start in network marketing and I was just like well – like I kinda know but I don’t know, but the thing is I’m not gonna let my brother go off and be super successful when I’m still working at Lowe’s and miserable and hating my life. So I was like well if they were gonna do it and you know, they’re not that smart, I’m definitely smarter than them, so I’m gonna check it out. So that’s pretty cool that your friend looked out for you and kind of gave you that call. Now you said it took you a little while to really get successful. What was it like that first year trying to really find your groove and figure the whole thing out?

Jesse: I would say it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Jusstin: Okay.

Jesse: I would say that it was – okay so here’s the thing. And this goes for you know if any network marketers tune in to this, listen like everybody like they eventually figure it out, you know whether it’s a year, six months, ten years, twenty years, whatever, they figure it out. And the thing is that  you forget after a lot of time how hard it was, and how grateful you should be to where you’re at now. Like we’ll always want more, always wanting to grow bigger, you know make more money, and – but if I really sit there and I think about it, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, I mean – I think my first day I did a Facebook message to all my Facebook friends. All of them. Back in the day I think the format was different.

Jusstin: Oh my god, I did that too.

Jesse: And I – I wrote the longest essay, wrote it out to all my friends thinking everyone was gonna jump on with me – I mean not only did they not, they crucified me publicly on that group message and that was a hard day seeing people talk you know shit about me, like on different things that I wasn’t like – different posts that I did even have anything to do, I just caught it. And you know my family telling me you know whatever – it was the hardest year of my life. Not having very much success too, that was – that obviously didn’t make it any easier.

Jusstin: Oh men. Sorry to hear that. You know it’s funny when you think back on all the crazy things that you did when you first like got started. It’s like I did the – even though, even though my you know sponsor and my mentors and all that told me not to do it, I did the group message and you know send people messages on Facebook, and like I got this thing, this and that, and the other yadayadayadayada and yeah men, like same situation. I mean they didn’t really – they didn’t really go in on me more publicly, it was kind of more in a private thing where a lot of people were doing a lot of talking behind my back, and I found out only a couple of years later that I had one friend who really isn’t too much of a friend anymore that literally went to our mutual friends like yeah ‘don’t do what he’s doing, it’s a scam yadayadayadayada’. And back in the day, like this was my boy, like this is the dude that I like I went and did everything with. It really bum me out that you know someone so close to me could do something like that, because at the end of the day you know, whether I’m successful or whether I’m not successful, I’m doing it for you know myself, my friends and my family you know. It kinda hurt that it did that but you know, it is what it is you know. But yeah. Now, in that first year did you ever have any like real like doubt, like maybe this isn’t for you, maybe you should just go back to just working the normal 9 to 5 and all that good stuff?

Jesse: Everyday. Every single day. Everyday I mean like – and I’m not a quitter. Like I’m – here’s the thing. I’ve been good at everything I’ve ever done except – except for forex. Someone tried to teach me forex I was like. Excuse my french but I’m – it’s like learning chinese but everything else, every sport, every video game, every business, everything I’ve ever done, I’ve picked up very very easy. And you know  -and maybe I’m – what some people call especially in sports kinda like a waste of time I guess ‘coz you know sometimes my attitude wasn’t the best but I – I thought about quitting every single day because it was so uncomfortable for me to admit that I was bad at it. You know and like I was starting a team call, when I had like a person on my team, I was you know doing like the living room events, having my friends come over and acting like the shit, and I wasn’t the shit, and like they knew it. And it was just – it was dude I wanted to quit so bad every single day and I just – I know exactly the time frame that it all clicked for me I’ll never forget it. I’m just grateful I hung out until that happened.

Jusstin: Okay. Yeah men that’s – it definitely – it definitely paid off in the end ‘coz you’re doing quite well now. What do you think really turned it around for you?  Like were – what – what was it that clicked that really just – you said ‘fuck it! I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna be successful’. Like what helped you get there?

Jesse: Honestly, there’s two things I would say. Number one figuring out my ‘why’ which I tell people ‘listen, you all come up with these little fancy reasons for why we’re gonna do this, I wanna retire this person, I wanna you know I wanna donate to my church, I wanna do all these stuff, right?  But that’s not what’s gonna get you up in the morning, right? Your first ‘why’ is something that kinda needs to be a little bit selfish. Some of you might disagree with me out there but I’m telling you right now, the moment I figured out that quitting my job was what I wanted more than anything in the world – I used to tell people I would chop my arm off if I could – If I have to work a job anymore. And I remember I was sitting down with somebody who’ve flown up from Southern California sitting down with me, it was like two in the morning, and I had to work at like five. And we had a whiteboard out – we were doing shit that most people you know wouldn’t do ‘coz  they like sleep, and they life comfortability, we were sitting there and i’m just exhausted. And he goes ‘dude, what do you want more than anything in this world right now?’ I said I wanna go to bed. And he’s like ‘why do you wanna go to bed?’ ‘Coz I have to fucking work at five in the morning and this sucks! And I go – and I have panic attacks for my job ‘coz I wanna quit my job more than anything in this world’. And then boom, that’s when we figured out what my ‘why’ was, right The real reason, not the you know ‘oh I wanna make money so I can do really good things’ no I wanted to quit my job, and then on top of that, the other is – the second thing is just not giving a shit what people think like you have to truly separate yourself from people and their opinions like my network, my friends – nobody is doing better than me, nobody. I mean not one single person that I graduated with has a better life, a life that I would switch, nobody. But the moment you figure out, hey this people don’t have want I want so why am I listening to them? That’s a really powerful moment. So I say those two things was kinda what separated myself from you know sucking and starting to have some success.

Jusstin: Okay. Cool man. That’s some good advice for any of the newbies out there.

Jesse: Yup.

Jusstin: Now, so you went from not having some success to having quite a bit of success, and you said in 2015 you found yourself without a company. Now was that like a really scary time for you to go from making money to basically not having anything coming in?

Jesse: Yeah and if – I’m trying to think. I’m trying to get all the years correct. I believe it was the end of 2014 where just – this is kinda like you know network marketing has its roller coaster. So that’s kind of where the roller coaster started. I had left – we have had our back offices turned off on our first company, my wife and I. So that was kind of where the cutoff of some of the income that we were generating. And actually big shoutout to my boy Julian Doan and his girlfriend for coming down Christmas, we had no couches, no presents under the tree, they came over for Christmas, had dinner with us, we had nothing. Not a dime to our name. And then we got into a company, immediately took it to a six figure income, and then that company had been sold out from underneath us and – I mean literally went from one income – by the way, never have just income. We went from one income of like a you know -probably like it was like 13 or 14k a month, whatever, and then all of a sudden boom, zero. Not a dime coming in, and that was the – one of the hardest times of my life. Like period you know. Just the situation.         

Jusstin: Yeah, I can imagine. I think that’s probably one of the only things I’ve ever been really fortunate about as far as my like network marketing career, like I’ve never gone one hundred percent full time to where like that’s my only income. So if I’m not sure about a company, or a product or just not feeling it, I always have an extra stream of income coming in that I can just – you know what I can sit around and just wait in – and literally that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been out of the industry now for probably I wanna say two years maybe. And I – I keep my ears to the ground, like I see what’s going on, I definitely stay in touch with a lot of people. And it’s always fun being friends with a lot people from like previous companies, because like when they drop new products like you see trends gr through your friend’s list, like right now everybody’s asking everybody ‘oh how much do you sleep each night?’ and the other is like ‘I know what you’re doing’. Like if I see every single marketer from that company, I know what’s going on right now.

Jesse: Dude I’m glad you said that ‘coz I’m not – we won’t say names, we won’t say companies. But I wanna say, I did not realize what those people were doing and I kept answering on everybody’s thread that was asking that damn question. And then I started thinking, ‘why is everyone asking the same question?’ it was cycling like a motivational quote. Why is everybody asking that question, then I realized, okay I’m being stupid.

Jusstin: Yeah men. I mean I caught a – I caught on pretty quick. Yah but that’s – it’s crazy how that goes. Now, I have another question about the whole network marketing thing. I can’t think of it right at this second. But yeah, so I guess we’ll get into the blogging thing. So how did you – you have your website, sevenfiguredad.com, how did you even like jump into the blogging, internet marketing, all that stuff.

Jesse: It was actually my wife. So one thing I do wanna say, and I’ll say it probably multiple times as we talk about blogging and internet marketing, is that you know what they say behind every good man – behind every successful man is a really good woman, right? So my wife does not get enough credit for what she does. She’s actually the person who introduced me to blogging. I knew I could write, my brother was a good writer, both my brothers actually were good writers. I knew I could write, so she got me introduced to blogging, and then I was like ‘well dude I don’t know how – like how do i get a website?’ and she was like ‘well I know how to build websites’. And I’ve been married to her for already for like two years that time, and I’m like ‘you know how to build a website, what are you talking about?’ And as soon as I figured that out, she built me a website, I started blogging, and then we started learning about like affiliate marketing, internet marketing, all that good stuff and that’s – yeah that’s how I got my start, how I got my transition.

Jusstin: Okay, cool, cool, cool. Now you know, we both blog, would you say that blogging in itself is difficult at all?

Jesse: I would say it’s difficult in staying consistent. That’s the most difficult thing like I would rather – if I had to choose, I would rather be an author of a book, lock myself in a cabin or room for like a couple weeks and just bust out a solid book then over the course of a couple years, have to blog every single week and they expect you to come up with something new, something unique to talk about. But I’m not an author of a book, I mean maybe someday that’s you know -this kind of goes with more what I’m doing. But I would say definitely the hardest part about blogging is – is you know always being consistent with your content and stuff. You know I mean I could talk about my day, but not everyone wants to tune in and listen to what I did for the day. So I yeah.

Jusstin: That’s true. That’s true. Yeah and stuff – stuff like that, where you really giving like updates on your day, I feel like that’s more suitable for like a vlog, ‘coz I think when people to vlogging, it’s more so like documenting what you’re doing on your day to day. With blogs, a lot of times people wanna hear about topics, they wanna learn something and yeah mean. It’s definitely hard being super – like being consistent with that. Blogging every single week, I’ve struggles with it from time to time. Luckily I do keep a running list of topics, and I just kinda sit down and look to the list and whatever hits me, that’s kind of what I write about that week. But yeah men, it;s difficult. I mean I’ve been blogging now for I wanna say eight months now. And I haven’t missed a week. Yeah and it’s like – sometimes I look at my list, I’m like ‘it’s getting kind of short’, like I’m running into the topics that I really don’t wanna talk about ‘coz I just don’t have anything to say about it right at that second. So it’s definitely been a struggle. Now, as far as blogging and internet marketing or anything like that goes, is there anything that you wish you had known before you got started?

Jesse: I will say today, right now, asking me this right now, i wish I had learned how cool affiliate marketing really was over creating your own shit. And what I mean by that is – I’m not like – okay for instance I would trade – let’s say I could make ten million dollars a year, but I was just super swamped all the time, busy, had no social life, always managing my projects, whatever, or you know I could be more like – oh shit I’m drawing a blank – Four Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss?

Jusstin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jesse: Yeah, or I can be more like him and make like let’s say 1.5 – 2 million dollars a year, but have all the free time in the world. That’s what I would choose. I would choose that route because I’m more about a – I’m more about my time rather than my money. And with affiliate marketing, what I like about it is you are literally just the bridge. You’re just the bridge from the potential customers to the business. You’re the person that drives in the traffic, and that’s what you do. You know, I got really started – I have a big ego – I mean I’m sure people listening if they know me, they probably know that’s true but, I’m always like – or I want them to – my company and maybe the face and all this stuff, and it’s like I found out you know just after trying all this stuff man, I would rather just – just be the guy that sends people to the thing that’s already set up, already paying out and just be that guy. And  I’m really grateful that I learned already that, but I wish I had known when I first got started.

Jusstin: Yeah men.  For sure, for sure. I’ve actually just now really discovering the power of affiliate marketing myself. Like I knew like what it was, I knew you can make some extra money doing that and all that other stuff, but I really didn’t know like what kind of offers were out there, and how they can supplement, and it’s crazy because yeah I went the whole like create your own product thing, and yeah. It can get – you can get swamped with the work especially if any of your projects, or any of your personal like things involve access to you, that can definitely fill up your schedule. But it also – it also kinda – it kinda fucks with your mind a little bit, ‘coz like you go through all this time, like creating this course, or creating this email, or this ebook, or any like – any of these things, these worksheets or whatever, and when you’re first starting out, you get like five people, ten people or less that are actually checking it out, like even with my FBA course I’ve been very fortunate that a lot of people have been taking it, I think I’ve had fifty people go through the whole course so far in the last I wanna say three months or so. But I don’t see too much from that, like the few people that I do contact and I talk to on a regular basis, yeah there have been people that have made money, but of the vast majority of the people that are taking it, like I don’t see any like follow through. They’re going through the course and they’re not really doing anything with it. And I don’t know if it’s because the course is bad or is it just they – like they weren’t serious, they just kinda want to check it out. So that definitely messes with me a little bit, ‘coz like I spend all this time making sure it’s perfect for you and like you’re not running with it. And I understand not everybody is gonna do things the way that you think they’re gonna do it, and not gonna do things the way that you would do it. So definitely having affiliate offerings where you can leverage other professionals and leverage other people’s time does help. And i’m actually gonna get into that a lot more over the next coming weeks. I signed up for the – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing ecourse via Michelle from Making Sense of Sense, and in the first day I’m already halfway done. Like I’m literally gonna knock it out either tonight or tomorrow night i’m gonna finish it up. But it’s been super super good information. So I’m super excited about that. And it has an affiliate program that I can promote. I’m not promoting it right this second because I’m not done, but in the very near future I will be promoting that. Now, blogging has been kinda hidden mystery. I know you’ve done it, then you’ve taken some time off, then you come back to do it. Like is there there any reasoning for that? Has it been harder on you? ‘Coz I know you have your network marketing thing,  you have been a husband you know, you are a father, and i know your daughter has been having her own like little entrepreneur stuff going on as well, I’m sure your time is a little stressed.

Jesse: Yes. That’s a great question. So you could even word it a different way. You’d be like ‘if you’re bad at one thing, what would it be?’ I’ would say ‘with being consistent wit my blogs’ and a lot of the reason is because you know – when 2015 happened and I found myself with one income stream and then boom it was gone I – that was the real reason I transitioned. I knew I was gonna stay in network marketing. All these people say ‘oh I’m almost done with network marketing for good’ but then they get sucked back in, like I’ve never been that person. Like I knew – like hey listen I have a skill, I’ve built a solid network, I have friends that would wanna rock with me if I find the right company, and so I just knew that I needed more income streams than I – we need all these people let’s say ‘oh chase two rabbits, catch none’. That’s true if you’re chasing the same rabbit essentially but you know I believe it’s important to have at least two income streams. If you’re a new – now whether that’s having a job and a business, whether that’s having – if you’re – is having enough success on business, maybe you have two business, whatever it is but I’ve always been busy. And my schedule on paper would scare a lot of people. Like you said, my daughter just got in, you know she just got a contract out in Arizona, now I’m in Connecticut, we’re gonna be getting her on – in New York out here, we’ve just moved, I’ve got probably you know – I’ve got – I’m the number one income earner in a networking marketing company, I have a successful blog, re-launching a coaching program, so yes life gets in the way. Like you said you know you’re doing this podcast, you took a three month break, I was nodding when you said that because believe me I get it. You know I’ve taken hiatuses because instead of putting out dog shit, you know when your heart’s not into it, what I would rather do is take a healthy month off or so and regain my you know I guess sanity, focus on a couple projects that are maybe offline, and then get back to it.

Jusstin: Definitely man yeah. I agree with that. Alright so I have some fan questions. Well actually just one fan question. So my friend Katelyn, she asks how long did you have to blog before you actually started making money from the blog?

Jesse: Great question. I would say eight months.

Jusstin: Eight months.

Jesse: Now, can you go faster? Yes. Get into affiliate marketing. You know treat it like it’s like a network marketing company in the sense that you know okay – I’m gonna say something, and this is probably gonna be unpopular. I used to talk a lot of trash about the founder of essentially affiliate marketing companies like with blogging and stuff, and that’s in power network. Like I used to talk a lot trash about that company ‘coz I didn’t understand it. And I’m not promoting it here by any means ‘coz obviously I’m not affiliated with it, but there’s companies obviously that have popped up that are like it. My recommendation for you is learn how to blog, get a website built for you, learn about affiliate marketing, and then get yourself a position with a company that has already set up everything so while you’re learning internet marketing, while you’re learning how to blog, you’re able to essentially funnel people in that wanna do what you’re doing, and then you’ll make money online. If you wanna do it to where like you and I were talking, you know how we kinda got started where you’re creating all your own shit, then you need to be – you need to be patient. You need to be willing to go maybe a year without seeing any real money.  And it’s hard but man it’s worth it you know. I caught the no pants lifestyle – waking up, not even putting a pants on, grabbing a laptop and making money. You can’t beat so – so yeah that would be my recommendation for somebody –  get involved with affiliate marketing for sure, early on.

Jusstin: For sure, for sure. And one more questions along like the blog lines and the internet marketing. Now for me, prior to really like – really checking out internet marketing i was definitely not a huge fan, and the reason why is because I – there’s a lot of nonsense out there. There a lot of people that are charging for things that you can find online for free, there are a lot of people that are creating courses and they’re getting you to pay this mass of like sign up registration fees, and then when you get into it, like the value and the quality isn’t there, there are a lot of people that are essentially – they’re luring people in by saying that they can teach them how to be more successful with whether be with the actual online marketing portion, or the affiliate marketing portion, or what have you, and then bait and switching in basically teaching you how to sell things to other online marketers. Like how did you feel about any of that stuff like coming in? ‘Coz I know for me, that really turned me off about the industry, but then when I finally got into it and could really see that there is value out there, there are people that are producing some good shit that is actually not as bad as I thought it was.

Jesse: Is this – okay so just to clarify ‘coz I wanna make sure I’m answering this question correctly. Is this a lot like what I posted about awhile ago? With like as far as like people you know going around and turning around and becoming like the expert in selling stuff? Or – is that kinda what you mean like –

Jusstin: Yeah, yeah. A little bit like that, yeah. People that really have no experience and now they’re touting themselves as the expert, stuff like that. But also people that are essentially scamming people too.

Jesse: Right. Well scammers can go to hell and there’s plenty of them, and you know you don’t need to waste too much breathe on that, I mean literally, there are – and this is what I wanna clarify and this – and I’ve changed my opinion on this, and actually you’ve brought up good points with this too, and I know you and I have kinda gone back and forth. I do believe that you need to be successful in something before teach somebody how to be successful at something. Now you know the counter to that is what – you know sports right, coach Belichick, that guy is not – not some all pro, ex-NFL player you know what I mean. So I get that argument. I mean sports might be just a smidge different but through something like this, you know when you’re an entrepreneur you’re saying ‘hey, hand me money’ you know. Not ‘trust me with your football team’. ‘Hand me money and I’m gonna teach you how to do something that I’ve never has success in myself. I think that that’s weird but the question – the question would be ‘Jesse like how am I supposed to ever make money?’ It’s like applying for a credit card with having bad credit, but like – well like I can’t give you a credit card until you have good credit. Cannot have good credit until you’ve applied for a credit card without your credit.

 Jusstin: Yup.

Jesse: So it’s like that never ending circle. So that’s where affiliate marketing comes in in my opinion because you really don’t need to be the expert, right? So here’s my you know –  if i could go back and do it all over again, I’ll freaking give advice. You get started, start blogging, start learning, always learn, get involved in an affiliate marketing company, you’re not the expert, you’re just the bridge okay, people wanna do what you’re doing, what you’re involved with. Start making some sales, start building up some success, and then if you wanna break up from there and then become the expert, start getting value with your experiences and what you’ve learned and start making your own courses. That’s okay. Jusstin for you, you’ve already said this in – I think this is great you know. You’re not going out there and teaching somebody how to be a millionaire in network marketing, right? And you know we’ve got some of these guys who were pitching this – dude they’ve been on my team. Like I know that they’re not making any money in network marketing and like you’re teaching people how to be – :like an FBA course, right? While I see you and your brother out there grinding on that overtime making money.  So you know an expert is simply knowing more than 80% of the population on a certain topic, and I would say that you know more than 80% of the US population on it, yeah. I have no problem with you during that sort of training and being the expert, and putting out content. It’s the people that have been saying – you know they wake up one day  and they go ‘what am I gonna do with you know it’s thursday today’. ‘What am I gonna do with my thursday’.Oh I think I’m gonna be an expert and start selling people on forex, or start selling people on drop shipping, or start selling people on this and that. It’s like you know you’re like ‘well how much money have you made from that?’ Like two bucks. What are you teaching people other than how to make two dollars. Right?

Jusstin: Yup, yup.

Jesse: So that’s kind of my – my whole overall thing. Start up with affiliate marketing, get yourself some success, and then you know transition in the basically being the expert, unless you’re gonna do something that is like – like in FBA, or maybe you are a forex marketer and you wanna be able to teach people foex marketing or something a little different than maybe funneling in internet marketing in general. Does that make sense?

Jusstin: For sure, for sure. And yeah I would have to agree on that. I never really considered an expert as being someone that know more than 80% of the population. That’s actually a good – that’s a good way to think of it because even with my FBA stuff, it’s just like I’m not making ten thousand dollars a month, so I don’t know how qualified I am to really be teaching people, but at the same time  I’ve taught people how to sell on Amazon and I’ve had friends that  have gone on to make five hundred, a thousand fifteen hundred dollars. And it’s just like well, I mean I am producing results, I’m making money on a regular basis every month so – I mean I guess that would make me qualified to do that. Alright we’re just about wrapping up, I just have a few like closing questions for you just so the audience can kinda pick your – pick your brain and get into your mindset a little bit more. What would you see is your biggest fear as far as like networking or blogging or anything like that? What scares you the most about any of these?

Jesse: You know my biggest fear – I mean it’s kinda more in life, but it has to do with business is getting older. You know I’m scared to death ‘coz listen, I can walk outside right now and get hit by lightning.

Jusstin: Yeah for sure.

Jesse: And it scares me to death to not have enough time to get to where I wanna be. And that’s why I take advantage, that’s why I outwork everybody, it’s because I am scared to death that you known my times tomorrow or a week from now you know. I know the network marketing profession just lost a great person in the profession you know to cancer. And it’s – you know I saw that on Facebook and it’s like we don’t know when our time’s up, and that thing – that scares me to death. And so it’s not so much calling people, talking to people, following up, doing in a whole advance. It’s like – you know I though public speaking would be scary, it’s not. You just gotta do it. But not having enough time scares me to death and that’s why we’re hard every single day

Jusstin: Alright man, alright. Cool, cool, cool. Now is there anything that you’ve got on the horizon? Any projects that you’re working on in the future that you kinda wanna put out there for the audience?

Jesse: Yes. So real quick, I guess my plug for this is you know my wife and I we had a lot of success – coaching people on doing exactly that we’ve done. Now whether you consider that a lot, or whether you consider that a little, right? According to our conversation like for the audience I really want you to know like we’ve helped people have success in internet marketing, blogging, and that sort of thing. And the combination essentially is this: I help people with coaching you know, teaching them the ins and outs, how to go out there, do internet marketing, funneling, that sort of thing. My wife who’s a branding expert goes over your brand, make sure your brand is legit, and then actually build your website. She does a lot more than that, but that’s just kind of the – you know I guess what I wanted to talk about.  And so what we’ve got coming up here is we’re gonna be doing a 90-day I guess sessions for people. If they wanna get involved, we’ll have more information on that later. We’re gonna be launching it probably within next month. It’s gonna be 90-day sessions. And we’re only gonna take a couple clients. Now I know a lot of people like to have 10, 15 people every single month. For me, I’m more like 2 or 3 so I can really – really make sure that I’m giving them as much time and energy that they deserve. And we’re gonna make sure that we go out there and produce a lot of success. So if you’re on here and you’re saying ‘hey how do I become a blogger? How do I get involved in internet marketing?’ Or maybe you just want a website and you already know how to do that other stuff, we have a free Facebook page you  can get involved with. It’s 7 Figure Dad Community. It’s just the number 7-Figure-Dad -Community,. Just try to get on that, we’ll accept it, it’s free. And then we’re gonna be putting content, different promotions, and different stuff out there every single day. So that’s what I would say, if you wanna get – you know you wanna get involved online, which you should be, it’s 2017, definitely reach out, get involved and we will help you in anyway we can.      

Jusstin: Awesome, awesome. Cool men, that’s good. I’m excited to see when that launches and I’m definitely sensing people your way. Because not a lot of people know, but like the whole Social Introvert Dad, everything is a result of your coaching and your wife definitely making my webiste pop because i tried to make a website one time and it didn’t work so well, and I showed it to her and she’s’ like ‘oh my god’ like ‘wow’. Like ios that a good wow or a bad wow. It’s definitely a bad wow. So you guys definitely help me – definitely help me take my brand and all this ideas that I had in my head and actually put them out on the web for everybody to see. And I’m definitely very very grateful for that. Now as far as connecting, is there anywhere that you want you know people that listening tho this to be able to connect with you further, maybe Facebook, Instagram – anything else other than your 7 Figure Dad Community.

Jesse: Yeah. Everybody you know that gets involved with the 7 Figure Dad Community or you know just looks me up – Jesse Belvin online, I might respond to messages, you know friend requests, as long as there’s mutual friends you know. I feel like Satan’s been out there big time trying to lure people into some weird friend request. But no I’m definitely, definitely easy to get a hold off. If you want – or you just wanna send me an email jesse@7figuredad.com, I respond pretty much daily to those emails so definitely you know, If I’m somebody that you – you know you see value in and wanna connect with, and really learn how this industry works, I’d love to help in anyway I can.

Jusstin: Cool, cool, cool. As you guys know, everything as far as links and how to contact – all that stuff is gonna be in the show notes. You can find that at socialintrovertdad.com/20 , and those are numbers – the numbers two and zero, and that will get you right to the show notes so you can – you don’t have to write down anything. But yeah man, that’s – that’s pretty much it. Like I said earlier, definitely thank you for spending some time with me today just kinda chitchatting. I’m glad that this whole new format that I’m trying out is actually working with very few hiccups and yeah, it was a lot of fun man, thanks for coming down.

Jesse: I appreciate it Jusstin, and I’m really excited to see what – when you go out there and make happen in 2017. Your brand is awesome, and it’s been a pleasure following you on your journey.

Jusstin: Awesome man. Cool, thanks man.

Alright guys that was episode 21 of featured Fridays with Jesse Belvin. I just wanna take the time to thank Jesse for taking this time to just really sit with me, even though it wasn’t here in the room, it was online. But he took time to sit with me for an hour and just kinda chat back and forth. At the time of the recording, he wasn’t done with his coaching program that hew was talking about. But it’s done today. So if you guys wanna check out what he’s got going on, just head on over to onlinemarketingchampion.com. Of course you already know, it’s gonna be in the shownotes. You can find the shownotes at www. socialintrovertdad.com/ff21, that’s the numbers two and one. Yeah that’s pretty much it. If you wanna connect with me, or you wanna connect with Jesse, all of that stuff is in the show notes, you can connect with me further. If you don’t already know, if you’re not already on the website, if you’re listening to me on Stitcher, or if you’re on the website, you can find me on Stitcher as The Social Introvert Dad, you can find me on Twitter as jwillspeaks, Facebook as Jusstin Williams or The Social Introvert dad, and all that good stuff. I got Snapchat, Instagram. I’ll link all that stuff up in the show notes guys, but other than that I am outta here. I will see you guys in two weeks. I got a good show coming up next two weeks. You’ll love it. Check you guys later.

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