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Hi friends! It’s me The Social Introvert Dad! Today I wanted to talk about something that I don’t think gets encouraged enough… Celebrating. I’m going to tell you why you need to celebrate your wins AND your failures! Yes, your failures too but I’ll get to that in a bit.

As you may know most of my entrepreneur career is in the network marketing profession. A profession where we celebrate each other like rock stars. Oddly enough we frown upon celebration by normal people. We say things like “while you party, I grind for my future.” We question people that live for the weekend. Especially if they aren’t living the lives they’ve always wanted to. Hell I’ve seen people shade NYE celebrations because “they should be planning their year.” I get that I guess. Wait no I don’t…. If you’re serious about planning out the next year NYE is kind of late don’t you think?

Anyway, don’t listen to those holier than thou MLM blow hards. I can say that of course because I used to be one and many of my friends were/still are as well. Now that’s not to say I condone excess celebrating per se. Nothing is good in excess. Moderation is key. The idea these anti-celebrationists (I made that word up) have is right. It needs a tweak or two, maybe some direction as well. There’s no doubt in my mind that celebrating for the sake of celebrating is no bueno. Especially in your teens and early 20s when you can get a major jump start on your adult life. Take that from someone who didn’t figure this out until I was 26 with a child. The money I blew as a young adult with no responsibilities would have been a nice little nest egg by now. $332 bar tabs sound cool but when you make less than a couple thousand a month not exactly smart. But hey lesson learned.

Back on topic.

Still there are some things you NEED to celebrate. The obvious ones: weddings, anniversaries, child birth, promotions, and getting a job. These are major life events right? I mean you don’t have to buy out the bar. But don’t underestimate the effect a nice dinner or even some ice cream can have on you. You can keep it simple and still celebrate your accomplishments. I get the whole being modest or humble thing, I do. However, you worked hard to get to where you are now.

Relationships don’t work themselves out. Ask anyone in a long standing relationship, it takes work. Jobs and promotions don’t always fall in people’s laps. Believe it or not, some people bust their arses just to get noticed. And there are people that go through all sorts of challenges just to have a baby. You’ve earned it so celebrate.

How about the not so obvious accomplishments. As I said before excess is no good. Allow me to refine that sentiment. Celebrating itself is not the issue it’s what you celebrate that matters. Frankly, you should be celebrating every damn day! Highly successful people do it in there own way, why can’t you?

  • Do you exercise? A lot of people don’t exercise when they could stand to get healthier. You’d be doing more than me that’s for sure.
  • Have you made progress on any venture, business or personal? Well you’re way ahead of people sitting on their asses watching Empire every week. Slow progress is better than no progress at all, TRUST ME.
  • Did you make it a whole day without using your AK? Well then today IS a good day (haha). All great reasons to toot your own horn by the way.

But wait there’s an even better reason to celebrate daily. You are YOU!

Do you understand just how insane the math is on becoming a human let alone your unique self. All the things that had to align perfectly for your conception. Check this infographic for a better idea.



See your odds are so bad they are virtually ZERO! Thus,

YOU are a mathematical fucking miracle ACT LIKE IT damn it!

Do you celebrate when you “fail?” Well you should. My favorite quote on failure is “you either win or you learn.” The only way you fail is by not trying/giving up. I saw a short video a few days ago that so deeply impacted me, it re framed my perception of failure. In the video a woman talks about how her father raised her and her brother.  She said everyday at dinner their father would ask his kids what they failed at for the day. After they told him he would celebrate their failures! It’s so profound I’m implementing it into my nightly routine. I’ll even ask my daughter and any future kids I have or mentor.

Do you see why? Failure happens (period). When you are making progress or just trying something new it’s a natural occurrence. Thus failure shouldn’t be the crippling experience that it is for so many people. As my mentor puts it, “show me a person that’s never failed and I’ll show you a person that has never attempted anything. If you’re not failing you’re not moving you’re not doing anything with your life. So embrace failure and celebrate it, it’s part of the process of getting and doing better!

So what do you think? What’s the last celebration you had? And will you start celebrating more? Let me know in the comments section BELOW! Deuces. 

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