Are You Searching for Your Calling?

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What’s up world? SID here and I have a question for you. Have you found your calling? That’s a pretty tough question for many to answer honestly. From a young age we’re told that when we grow up we can be anything we want. But as we get older, the list of things we can be gets shorter and shorter.

By the time we are adults the list is so short it’s non existent. We’re told to stop dreaming and start being “realistic.” Being realistic is good advice but realistic to whom? My real and your real are different.  The social pressure to get a job is real in this world. And becoming an adult is scary. Most young adults aren’t prepared for how the world that they live in operates. But that’s an argument for another day…

So What Will You Do?

Young adults are constantly pulled in multiple directions at once. Your parents want you to go to school. For their generation, higher learning was the best way to ensure you got a great career. For the millennial generation that’s no longer true. You could start entry level somewhere and work your way up. It’s a long process but it’s doable for some. How about party your 20’s away and worry about all the serious stuff in your 30’s. What you do is up to you; however, the law of association says you’ll become like the 5 people you spend the most time with, which means they’ll influence your path.

Associations are what lead you to do the things that others think you should do. Your parents want you to be successful so they want you to be a doctor, lawyer, or athlete. Your friends want you to be happy so they’ll tell you to do what you love! For me, I thought I wanted to be a chiropractor until I met some entrepreneurs and changed directions.

The advice from your friends and family isn’t bad but does it fit you? Do you want to be a I high powered attorney or a doctor and take on the emotional and financial pressure that comes along with? There’s nothing wrong with doing what you love but can you make money doing it? Further, can you see yourself doing what you love 40 hours a day, 5 days a week , for 40 years? I’d hope not, 40 years doing anything is at least 35 years too many.

So How DO You Find Your Calling?

Great question! I have a question in return… Are you good at anything? Seriously are you…?

Here’s what I want you to do. Take five mins either right now or shortly after reading through this post and do some soul searching. Grab a pen, some paper and take inventory of your strengths. List everything you’re really good at. I don’t care if you’re good at sleeping, playing video games, or picking up girls/guys.

Literally if you’re good at it WRITE IT DOWN!  Quick warning, make sure these are things that other people say you are good at too and not things only you think you are good at. Now that you have your list.

Refine Your List.

Go over you list and chuck the things that you’re “kind of” good at, they won’t help you. Also you don’t need a long list of skills I want you to focus on 2 or 3, definitely no more than 5. Still not sure how this is going to help you figure out you’re calling? Look at your small list of skills. Do THAT!

Ok it’s not that simple, first off is anyone paying you for these skills now? If not is there a way to package them so that they will? Getting paid is the most important part. A lot of people that know their calling don’t do them because they don’t know how to make a living from it. If you can’t make a living following your passions, you’ll be stuck helping someone live theirs for the rest of your life. So what’s holding you back? Your weaknesses, you say?

Fuck Your Weaknesses!

Often it’s your weaknesses that keep you from moving forward. People think, I’m not good at X so I need to get better at it before I move forward. Hold that thought, you do know Floyd Mayweather is illiterate and is the most well paid boxer EVER!

Your weaknesses don’t define you, how you adapt because of them does. Don’t waste time strengthening your weaknesses, because at best you’ll have a stronger weakness. Double down on your strengths! You’ve already put in time getting good now become an expert, go all in on you and your skills.

Before you get too carried away, I’m not giving you an excuse to just punt any area you are weak in. You’ll still need functional knowledge or basic ability in some cases. I don’t want you saying “I’m not good at taking care of my health so I’m not going to work on it.”

Outsourcing is KEY!

Another reason you can forget you weaknesses is because you can outsource a lot of them. Recruiting or delegating to teammates can save you A LOT of time. For example, say you have the skills to be the next YouTube star. You’ve got plenty of creative ideas for content and all the equipment but can’t edit worth a damn.

You have three options, give up because editing is hard and time consuming, learn to edit yourself and get better over time, or find someone that’s a great editor and team up. Two heads are better than one. With a partner you can focus on creating while your partner puts it all together nice and neat.

If taking on a partner is a money issue look for up and comers that need experience and exposure. If your content and their skill set are worth their salt it’ll be a win-win situation. Once you start making money you can start paying your partner and keep them on board. 

Hell this is why a have a couple Virtual Assistants. My typing skills are terrible like 24 words per min probably less. So I went on and got me a couple freelance VAs. These ladies type WAY faster than me clocking in at 48 and 95 words per min respectively. All I do is write and then send them a scanned PDF and in an hour or so I get it back typed edited and formatted as well.

Even this blog is a good example. For years I wanted to start a blog but I had no idea how to build a website. So I got help, I partnered with my friends at The Wealthy Network and paid for help designing this website. It was the best of both worlds, instead of focusing on and spending hours working on getting the look just right my friend Erika took care of that. While I churned out content for the launch. The best types of business relationships come about when everyone is doing what they are good at.

One Last Thing…

I know I talked about business and entrepreneurship. Rest assured, this advice can work for career planning too. There may already be a job that pays you to do what you’re good at. Maybe what you’re good at will give you a leg up on the competition. Either way, remember you’re never stuck. You can always pivot and shouldn’t be afraid to. If things aren’t going the way you want assess yourself again, your skill set is always evolving.

I truly hope you take this advice to heart and run with it. If you ever need help coming up with ideas don’t hesitate to drop me a line at Also if you if you think blogging is your calling, I’ll teach you how to start you own blog here, so check it out!

See ya!

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