Are Leaders REALLY Readers???

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It’s said that the average millionaire reads 2 or more books per month. I’ve heard this number to be as high as 4 per month but who knows, it’s all person specific. But what’s the big deal with reading anyway? In my younger days I wasn’t a huge fan of reading. I mean I did it or faked it depending on the book because book reports were more like busy work than actual assignments. Even in high school I barely read textbooks and only read fictional books when I was assigned to.

It wasn’t until my late teens when I started reading for fun. I remember the book that got me hooked, it was called Shattered* by Dean R. Koontz (my favorite author by the way). If you’ve never picked up one of his books but like drama/mystery, I highly recommend anything he has written. I’ve read quite a few of his books to be honest.

My new love.

A few years later I fell into entrepreneurship and learned about personal development. The personal development genre is massive. You can find a book that’s been written about almost any challenge. Anyway when I started my Network Marketing career I was told that learning about people was a must. The first book I picked up was How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age* by Dale Carnegie. It was a new age update to a timeless classic.

How to Win Friends is my most recommended book for new entrepreneurs. Its an easy read and extremely useful. I’m glad it was my first book because it gave me a great first impression of Personal Development books. Many people like to recommend Think and Grow Rich* by Napoleon Hill which, although a great book, I don’t recommend for someone new to entrepreneurship. TaGR is another classic but I find that its detail will easily go over the reader’s head. Simply, TaGR is higher level PD than a beginner needs plus its long and kind of boring!

In my first year of personal development I wasn’t reading 2 books a month it took a few years to get to the level. In fact I only read 6 books my first year and 4 books the following year. It wasn’t until my 3rd year when I got serious about my studies. In 2015 I read 12 books and set a goal to increase that number every year. So far, in 2016 I’ve read 20 books with just a few weeks left to hit my goal of 24.

So what changed?

I found some hacks to make the job easier. Did you know that most PD books are between 200-300 pages long? Yeah, I didn’t know that at first either anyway…

  • Hack #1 to reading more – 10 pages a day. Take your book and break the reading down into chunks. I suggest 10 pages everyday, something you can squeeze into your morning, evening, or lunch break. Assuming your book is less than 300 pages long you can easily blow through 1 to 1 1/2 books per month. Up your rate to 15-20 pages and you’ll be at 2 books a month in no time. If keeping a page count isn’t your deal, try the next hack.
  • Hack #2 – timed reading. Most PD books can be read in 10 hours or less. Try reading for 30 mins a day. Stay consistent and that’s 3  1/2 hours read per week. Again easily doable if you have a hour long lunch at work. Get up an hour earlier to start your day off right or read right before bed to relax and help yourself go to sleep. If this still doesn’t help then the next hack should do the trick.
  • Hack #3 – audiobooks. I get it you’re uber busy and can’t fit 30 mins/10 pages of reading into your day. I’ve had days like that and that’s where audiobooks come in. I love audiobooks! They allow me to make the most of my time, especially when I’m busy with life’s other obligations. I mostly listen in the shower or on my drive to work. In fact I was able to finish 5 books last month because of audiobooks.

The best part.

Audible makes it easy to take my books with me on the go. They have a convenient app for your phone that allows you to listen anywhere. You can listen while you jog or through any Bluetooth speaker like the one that may be in your car. I’ve found that increasing the playback speed to 1.15x the normal speed helps me finish books faster. This cuts the time down considerably. Now if you’re wondering how it’s possible to retain info while listening/reading to so many books a month, it’s not.

When I first started reading I tried to retain it all. I even took notes to be sure I had it down. Then I discovered that many books in the genre cover the same subject matter just with a different approach. So instead of trying to absorb it all, I look for the core concepts that are actionable and make sense to me. Every book has a core concept or point to get across. Some books get right to the point and some take longer to get there. And others just fill their book with fluff to make it look like it’s worth more.

Something special for you. 

If you’re reading this and haven’t tried it yet I HIGHLY recommend it. In fact the folks over at audible have a little special going on that I want to extend to you. Right now get 2 free audiobooks when you sign up for a FREE 30 day trial of Audible.

Or if eBooks are more your speed you can try Kindle Unlimited for 30 days for FREE. Kindle unlimited gives you access to over a million titles on your kindle or tablet. Which means the service basically pays of itself if you read a couple books a month.

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