May 2017 Monthly Income Report- $ 137.24

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Welcome to another entry in my favorite series, The Monthly Income Report. In these reports my goal is to share with you, the reader, ways I’m earning money outside of my normal job. The task of earning side money on and offline can be quite elusive. I’m here to cut the crap and show you just what is working and what isn’t working. Not to mention my progress on my current and future goals. That way if you’re looking to add an income stream you’ll know where to start.  Enjoy. If you have any suggestions, questions, or my opinion on your own hustle make sure to drop a comment below!


What Happened in May

  • I switched my VA services. I was using a Get Friday but now I’m using a Freelancer and I’m glad I switched.
  • I’ve been putting together the supplies I need for all of my cooking assignments this month. I have almost everything I need.
  • I went HAM on my resource page this month, Giving it its second ever revamp and the results were phenomenal! Have you seen it?
  • I started diving into the world of Pinterest! Bloggers swear that it’s the best place for organic traffic right now so I figure it’s time to stop putting it off and learn the ins and outs of the platform.

Completed Goals for May

  • Write a blog “how-to” – Written just need to post.
  • Drop a Digit review – This one is live! You can find it here.
  • Collect all the supplies and gear to start the 4-hour chef – Pretty self explanatory.
  • Find a location to open up a new store – looked at a few places but nothing I like yet.
  • Have 1 new shirt designed – I have a few ideas but I’m waiting on a new Logo design before I finish the shirt(s).
  • Update the Resource page This one took some work so check it out!
  • 150 VIP subs – gained 2 – 74 total
  • 400 Facebook page likes – 414 sucka! Sorry I got a little excited.
  • 500 website views – gained 80 – 256 total
  • $2000 total monthly income – $137 total 🙁

Goals for June

  • Drink 1 Gal of Kangen water per day (30 days)
  • Go on one actual date
  • Cook 2 meals per week
  • Lock down a location for my new business
  • Design a new shirt
  • Drop a new eCourse (How to Start a Blog)
  • 150 VIP subs
  • 500 Facebook page likes
  • 500 website views
  • $2000 total monthly income

Goals for 2017

  • Visit another country (Australia, Canada, Iceland, all on the radar)
  • Learn to cook 1 new meal a month for 10 months
  • Read 3 books a month
  • Get a rock climbing gym membership and actually go by February ‘17
  • Open up a franchise by April ‘17
  • Launch a private label on Amazon by June ‘17
  • Start taking Yoga by March ‘17
  • Pick up a Kangen water machine
  • Save 10% of my monthly income to invest with
  • Spend 3% of my yearly income on personal development (approx. $900)
  • Side income goals(consistently): 30 day- $500/month, 90 day- $1000/month, 180 day- $2500/month, 360 day- $5000/month

What is Working

  • Umm… Have you seen my new resource page? It’s fire and I actually sold a book like the first week after reorganizing it. The new layout is so clean, super glad I spent the better part of a day working on it.
  • Digit is doing its thing! I have about $260+ saved since using setting up the service. You can read my full review on Digit here. Its an especially great service for you if you struggle with saving money each month.
  • Market analysis for the new shop is complete. We’ve finally narrowed down a territory and have started the process of vetting for locations.
  • My new VA is a She-Beast! Like seriously Charlotte has saved me so much time in typing tasks it’s not even funny. Last week I gave her a 15 page blog assignment and she knocked it out in 3 hours while I slept. I’ve also started having her transcribe my podcast and the results there have been great as well. Definitely going to continue giving her regular work.

What is Not Working

  • For two months in a row FBA has shit the bed. Last month was a surprise this month we kind of expected it because we didn’t source at all the whole month. With that in mind I guess it’s good that we earned anything at all.
  • My last VA! Priteesh was doing so well then he gouged me on an assignment taking almost 2 hours to type up 5 pages when he usually does twice that in the same amount of time. I didn’t call him out I just didn’t bother renewing my services and went with a Freelancer. Part of me thinks he did it on purpose because he never tried to get me to renew after the contract expired.
  • My weight. So with the new job I sit a lot and what I’ve noticed at the end of two months now is I’ve gained about 10lbs. This is due to being a lot less active whereas I was walking 25k-35k steps a day now I just barely break 10k.

Income Sources (Job Not included)

Total Monthly Income- $ 137.24


#2017FlipChallenge – Goal: $20170

  • Jan- $1515.84
  • Feb- $2119.95
  • Mar- $1487.48
  • Apr- $491.69
  • May- $274.47

$14280.57 left to go!

What Have I Learned

  • I have to be careful when working with people virtually as some lack integrity.
  • A solid resource page is a must for any blog no matter what the traffic levels.
  • Proper hydration is essential to your health
  • Starting a brick and mortar company is not a walk in the park.
  • Emotional health is important too, so I’ll try to go on a least one date!

See you on next month’s Income Report!

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