August 2017 Monthly Income Report

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Welcome to my favorite series, The Monthly Income Report. In these reports my goal is to share with you, the reader, ways I’m earning money outside of my normal job. The task of earning side money on and offline can be quite elusive. I’m here to cut the crap and show you just what is working and what isn’t working. Not to mention my progress on my current and future goals. That way if you’re looking to add an income stream you’ll know where to start.  Enjoy. If you have any suggestions, questions, or my opinion on your own hustle make sure to drop a comment below!


What Happened in August

  • Exponential Growth! My Digit account grew by $300 in one month.
  • Finalized on a location for the shop and started getting it ready for opening day.
  • Became health conscious after watching a popular documentary.
  • Put together a dope funnel for my Enagic business.

Completed Goals for August

  • Build out a funnel for Enagic
  • Release Thursday’s Topic
  • Launch my Free Blogging eCourse
  • Sample 15 gals of Kangen water
  • Watch “What The Health” and write a review
  • Ride my bike 3x this month
  • 150 VIP subs
  • 500 Facebook page likes
  • 500 website views
  • $2000 total monthly income

Goals for September

  • Go 30 days without meat
  • Make a Facebook Business page for D&R Electronix Lake Elsinore
  • Have a new promotional Video made to run in the shop waiting room
  • 150 VIP subs – + 0 (74/150)
  • 500 Facebook page likes – + 4 (482/500)
  • 500 website views – -124 ouch! (140/500)
  • $2000 total monthly income – $548/2000

Goals for 2017

  • Visit another country (Australia, Canada, Iceland, all on the radar)
  • Learn to cook 1 new meal a month for 10 months
  • Read 3 books a month
  • Get a rock climbing gym membership and actually go by February ‘17
  • Open up a franchise by April ‘17
  • Launch a private label on Amazon by June ‘17
  • Start taking Yoga by March ‘17
  • Pick up a Kangen water machine
  • Save 10% of my monthly income to invest with
  • Spend 3% of my yearly income on personal development (approx. $900)
  • Side income goals(consistently): 30 day- $500/month, 90 day- $1000/month, 180 day- $2500/month, 360 day- $5000/month

What is Working

What is Not Working

  • Still not riding my bike obviously.
  • Thursday’s topic I made a couple recordings but didn’t like it so back to the drawing board.
  • Sampling gallons has been slow as well. I sampled out 3 maybe 4 gallons total.

Income Sources (Job Not included)

Total Monthly Income- $ 547.87


#2017FlipChallenge – Goal: $20170

  • Jan- $1515.84
  • Feb- $2119.95
  • Mar- $1487.48
  • Apr- $491.69
  • May- $274.47
  • June- $694.07
  • July- $604.67
  • August- $1095.74

$11886.09 left to go!

What Have I Learned

  • So apparently meat is not great for our bodies according to What The Health. So I made the decision to change my diet up and stop eating meat for the month. Gonna see what kind of impact it has on my health.
  • A new business requires an online presence so I’m going to work on one for the shop this month hopefully to be launched soon.
  • I think I have too much on my plate so I’m going to step the goals down by a couple until I manage to work out a cadence between the blog, the shop, other ventures and work.

See you on next month’s Income Report!

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