June 2017 Monthly Income Report

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Welcome to another entry in my favorite series, The Monthly Income Report. In these reports my goal is to share with you, the reader, ways I’m earning money outside of my normal job. The task of earning side money on and offline can be quite elusive. I’m here to cut the crap and show you just what is working and what isn’t working. Not to mention my progress on my current and future goals. That way if you’re looking to add an income stream you’ll know where to start.  Enjoy. If you have any suggestions, questions, or my opinion on your own hustle make sure to drop a comment below!


What Happened in June

  • I wrote up a new eCourse focused on Launching a Self-Hosted Blog/Website from Scratch.
  • Finally locked down a location for the new shop.
  • Stayed on top of my gallon challenge.
  • My daughter came to visit for most of the summer.

Completed Goals for June

  • Drink 1 Gal of Kangen water per day (30 days)  I might have missed a day or two but I call this a success!
  • Go on one actual date
  • Cook 2 meals per week – 6/8 meals cooked so not too bad
  • Lock down a location for my new business – Just waiting to get accepted on a place
  • Design a new shirt
  • Drop a new eCourse (How to Start a Blog) – Written and awaiting release
  • 150 VIP subs – gained 0 – 74 total
  • 500 Facebook page likes – 461 total
  • 500 website views – 217 total
  • $2000 total monthly income – $347 total 

Goals for July

  • Cook twice per week
  • Design new T-shirt
  • Go on a date (for real this time)
  • Host a dinner party
  • Sample 15 gal of Kangen water
  • Start recording all audio versions of the blog
  • 150 VIP subs
  • 500 Facebook page likes
  • 500 website views
  • $2000 total monthly income

Goals for 2017

  • Visit another country (Australia, Canada, Iceland, all on the radar)
  • Learn to cook 1 new meal a month for 10 months
  • Read 3 books a month
  • Get a rock climbing gym membership and actually go by February ‘17
  • Open up a franchise by April ‘17
  • Launch a private label on Amazon by June ‘17
  • Start taking Yoga by March ‘17
  • Pick up a Kangen water machine
  • Save 10% of my monthly income to invest with
  • Spend 3% of my yearly income on personal development (approx. $900)
  • Side income goals(consistently): 30 day- $500/month, 90 day- $1000/month, 180 day- $2500/month, 360 day- $5000/month

What is Working

  • I’ve been doing pretty good with drinking my Kangen water every day. I love this water because I can drink a lot without ever feeling bloated. Plus staying hydrated throughout the day keeps my body functioning in tip top (although still fat) shape.
  • It took a little back and forth but I negotiated a pretty good lease arrangement for the place we want to open the shop in.
  • I’ve only been cooking for less than a month but I find it enjoyable. The recipes in the 4-hour Chef are both easy to learn and tasty. It’s pretty awesome when the people closest to me are asking me to cook. I’m definitely gonna keep it up.

What is Not Working

  • My awesome VA went MIA for like 12 days so I had to end her contract. The she hit me up (today) because she said my email got buried which is understandable. Unfortunately I contracted with a new VA already so I can’t bring her back. If the new VA doesn’t work out then I have a back up I guess.
  • One year in and I still struggle to grow my list and monthly views. Hopefully the new course will correct that and bring in some regular traffic/conversions.
  • Dating… Well I will say that I don’t try very hard online dating is easiest for me but I’m not consistent with keeping up my activity. I actually made a match with a woman 3 days ago and didn’t know it until earlier today. Hope she wasn’t the one haha.

Income Sources (Job Not included)

Total Monthly Income- $ 347.03


#2017FlipChallenge – Goal: $20170

  • Jan- $1515.84
  • Feb- $2119.95
  • Mar- $1487.48
  • Apr- $491.69
  • May- $274.47
  • June- $694.07

$13586.50 left to go!

What Have I Learned

  • Drinking a gal of water is not hard if you pace yourself through the day.
  • My daughter doesn’t want me to be lonely, she asks me at least once a week when I’m gonna go on a date. Even offered to pick a girl for me lol.
  • Online dating sucks! … Wait… I knew that…
  • Cooking isn’t as hard as it appears.

See you on next month’s Income Report!

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