November 2016 Monthly Income Report- $333.13

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Welcome to another entry in my favorite series, The Monthly Income Report. In these reports my goal is to share with you, the reader, ways I’m earning money outside of my normal job. The task of earning side money on and offline can be quite elusive. I’m here to cut the crap and show you just what is working and what isn’t working. Not to mention my progress on my current and future goals. That way if you’re looking to add an income stream you’ll know where to start.  Enjoy. If you have any suggestions, questions, or my opinion on your own hustle make sure to drop a comment below!

What Happened in November

  • I started adding pop-up lead boxes to individual blog posts to up my conversion rate for my VIP email list.
  • Went back to my roots and started planning an instagram campaign to bring more attention to ExApparel
  • Wrote a couple new emails to be shared in the near future.
  • Stumbled upon facebook groups geared toward guest posting!

Completed Goals for November

  • Optimize subscription options for blog posts instead of the website as a wholeLeadboxes and pop-ups
  • Research FB Ad Targeting techniques and Launch one targeted ad – still not ready to launch an ad so I went with instagress and instagram promoting instead
  • Find 3 more websites that I would like to guest post for – Dunno why I didn’t think of this earlier but instead of the traditional why for guest posting I started looking into facebook groups to find websites I can guest post for.
  • Write 2 new emails – Done and it’s looking like the start of a new series
  • Create 5 pieces of micro-content – Started working on one but got side tracked
  • Sale 20 t-shirts – Got some compliments in public so I’m on to something just need to get shirts in the hands of influencers
  • Continue growing the list to 150 subscribers –  List grew by +3, new total 65/150 getting close to 100
  • 250 FB likes – Only grew by +1 this month 🙁 total 181/250
  • 500 Website views – Not a great month views fell by -23 this month, total 193/500
  • $2000 total monthly income – Not close at all! $333/2000

Goals for December

  • Write 2 new emails
  • Give at least one 50% tip
  • Give at least one 100% tip
  • Pay it forward 2x
  • Cut fast food to once per week
  • Create 3 pieces of micro content
  • Get 3 people to take pics and promote my shirts
  • Promote 2 blog posts
  • Ride my bike 3x this month
  • Lock down one interview from my extended network
  • Update FBA training and consulting package
  • Publish one guest post in the blog
  • Get one guest post published on another blog
  • No unnecessary spending on myself all month
  • Continue growing the list to 150 subscribers
  • 250 FB likes
  • 500 Website views
  • $2000 total monthly income

What is Working

  • My new leadboxes are starting to work might be too early to tell if they have an impact on growing my email list tho.
  • Still keeping up 100% with my blog posting schedule.
  • My new emails already getting good feedback from the first of 2 that I sent out.

What is Not Working

  • I talked about this last month but FBA is still stalling a bit. This month has started out well so maybe this is the end of my troubles?
  • I still find guest posting daunting but that’s no excuse not to do it. Going to look for smaller publications and personal blogs for now.
  • My goals as a whole, I think the structure of my goals set me up for failure. Looking into setting action steps that lead me to previously set goals.
  • Social awareness across the board! I’m growing but very slowly and I’m not thrilled about that.
  • FBA and Consulting! To be fair I haven’t promoted either because currently Amazon has a restriction on new sellers until 12/19. Once that restriction is lifted going to get back to it and raise my consulting fee.

Income Sources (Job Not included)

Total Monthly Income- $333.13 

What Have I learned

  • I need to promote Amazon affiliate links if I want to grow that income.
  • Action step goals are more effective than the goals I’ve been setting.
  • Running subscription pop-ups on my blog posts helps convert readers into VIP readers
  • Revamping my goals and actions could be the change I need to get to the next level. Look out for yearly goals next month!

See you on next month’s Income Report!

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