Drinking Water is Essential to LIFE Right? But ...

...Is Your Water KILLING you? 

Chemicals and Drugs found in Tap Water.

We Often Take the Purity of our Tap Water for Granted...

What's so bad about our drinking water?

Most tap water contains arsenic, fluoride, chlorine, and many other unhealthy toxins. So when we drink it we are actually consuming and absorbing this mixture of toxins and poisonous chemicals into our bodies.

You may think that the government keeps our drinking water clean and regulated when in fact the EPA sets a standard for acceptable concentrations of these toxins in our water. Here's a few straight from the EPA's website:

-Arsenic - 10 parts per billion.
-Lead/Copper - under 15 parts per billion
-o-Dichlorobenzene - .06 milligrams per liter

And there are 62 other "regulated" contaminants that the EPA allows in our water.​

Bottled Water MUST be a Healthier Option- Not So Fast...

Many Bottles are made in PETROCHEMICAL Plants

Many people drink bottled water because they believe it be cleaner, better tasting, and higher quality but that's not necessarily true. 40 percent of bottled water is just recycled tap water from municipal sources. Many chemicals such as Arsenic and Antimony are still found in bottled water.​

And What About The WASTE...?

Americans buy 29 billion single-serve bottles of water each year. Most of the bottles end up in Landfills or the Ocean. Only about 20 percent are recycled. Plus transporting the water uses about 18 million gallons of oil

Chemicals Aren't the Only Problem

Besides chemicals and toxins tap/bottled water can be harmful in other ways. Take pH for example.

The Human body has an optimum pH of 7.4 slightly alkaline. To survive our bodies must maintain a pH very close to this number. Maintaining this pH is a constant challenge due to the acid-forming funcvtions of our body as well as the consumption of acid-producing foods.

The beverages we drink add this challenge.

Many of the things we drink such as soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, and even bottled/tap water have an acidic pH.​

Too much acid in the blood can lead to a number of health issues if left unchecked.

Symptoms over over-acidity include: 

constant fatigue, easily running out of breath, frequent sighing, muscle pain or cramping after walking short distances, often feeling like you can't get enough air, and frequently getting sick.

Over-acidity has also been linked to the formation of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Its no wonder why drinking alkaline water and and eating alkaline-forming foods has become so popular in recent years. Many have found that consuming more alkaline-forming foods and limiting acid-forming foods is the easiest way to maintain a healthy pH and with it, relieve many health related issues.

To recap, we want to:

  • Stop consuming harmful chemicals and toxins. With the amount of toxins and chemicals we consume that are linked to disease its no surprise that disease is so prevalent in America.
  • Stop producing millions in waste plastic. Recycling is a good start but ultimately the production of plastic in itself is destroying for the economy
  • Stop consuming acid-forming food and beverages. Changing the food is the easy part but changing what you drink can be tricky. Almost all options for alkaline beverages come in a bottle which violates the first two.

Fortunately you CAN find water that meets ALL THREE points...

Hydration and Detoxification Plus so Much MORE!

Finally a solution that cuts down on harmful chemical intake, as well as eliminates the need for single-serve plastic bottles. Plus the machine brings your water to the pH of 9.5 which is perfect for drinking and balances out the acidity in your body. But those aren't the only ways that the machine can benefit you.

Change your water... Change your LIFE.

That's not just a catchy slogan. Kangen Machines also make antioxidant water through ionization which helps to neutralize free radicals and and fight the oxidizing process that cause our bodies to dry out. The ionizing process causes the water molecules to form micro clusters of about 5 molecules each as opposed to normal water which is 20 molecules! This allows for great absorption in the body.

Lastly, the POWERFUL Strong Acidic and Strong Kangen waters allow you to do things around the house such as disinfect surfaces and clean oil based pesticides off of produce... This is way this water can truly CHANGE your Life.

Alive with 9 Point 5 - Kangen Wateris the ultimate addition to your household.

Kangen Machines are the Perfect Solution to support the HEALTH of your entire family.

Kangen Machines are simple to use. Once you take out of the box and screw it on to the tap in your kitchen, just turn on the water like normal. After a couple of seconds the unit will offer a consistent flow of antioxidant rich alkaline water.

  1. User Friendly: Access any of the 7 water types with the touch of a button.
  2. Automatic Cleaning: Periodically controlled by microcomputer.
  3. Smart Filter Technology: Let your machine tell you when its time to change filters.
  4. Water Quality Association Certified: Gold Seal for product certification - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 certified.
  5. Certified Medical Device: Kangen Water Systems are used in over 200 Hospitals in Japan today.

See what some of our customers have to say:




"I've noticed a dramatic decrease in how much my my hands shake..."

"I'm so blessed to have found Kangen water through Enagic. I suffer from tremors, and have since birth. I've read there's a connection between this and Parkinson's [disease] and saw that Kangen water helps with Parkinson's. 

So far I've noticed a dramatic decrease in how much my hands shake! And of course, the income has been a great bonus too!"




I can tell you that it change my life...

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The GOLD Standard

All Kangen Water machines are WQA gold seal certified which ensures they a constructed from safe materials, safe claims listed on the packaging are backed by test data, and will hold up under normal use conditions. All machines come with a 3-5 year warranty and with proper cleaning and maintenance, their life expectancy is 15 years or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Need any Special Tools to Install?

Each machine comes with a set of adapters that working with 99% of faucets. There are no tools necessary and an average install takes just a few minutes. 

What if I Can't Afford a Machine?

Enagic makes Kangen Water Machines affordable for everyone! Most people finance their machines with zero down and if credit is an issue Enagic's in-home financing is available with no credit check.

What if I Change my Mind?

Enagic has a 30 day return policy. Just return the machine unused within 30 days of receipt and receive a FULL refund less shipping and a $100 restocking fee.

Try Kangen Water FREE From Your Local Office or Distributor!

Click below to find out how you can try Kangen water for FREE and see the different Kangen Machines.

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.”

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