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Society- a group of people involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social grouping sharing the same geographical or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.


I started today’s blog with a definition just so we are on the same page as far as what a society is and isn’t.

Societies are a funny thing. People come together due to geographic location. Come up with an agreed upon governance and overall rules based on dominant ideals. And we operate like that until new ideas challenge/replace old ideas. This happens as we progress and for the most part with great results. I don’t know about you but I’m glad we aren’t getting married at 14 anymore. Still one issue is that society favors the popular idea and not the best one. Throughout history skilled salesmen have convinced greater society to accept their ideals and fears over those of the minority (Salem Witch Trials anyone?) By default this alienates those capable of thinking for themselves and acting responsibly. In 2016 this is at its worst.


With today’s connectivity it’s become harder to reject society’s influence peacefully. If you don’t conform people will know and FAST! I for one disagree with this hive mindset. What makes humanity beautiful is our uniqueness in person AND in thought. Unfortunately, today’s society would rather beat uniqueness into submission, rather than find common ground and understanding. I think we can change the landscape of society if we make some adjustments. Here are a few areas we should start with. They may or may not be controversial to you so be warned (haha).


Gun control.


Now before you jump down my throat with your opinion I’ll just say I’ve taken no sides to this argument. Do I think we have an issue with gun violence, yes. Do I think stricter gun laws will help, nope. Stricter gun laws are like stronger window locks, they keep the honest people honest . What do I mean by that? Well if someone wants to break into your home do you think a heavy-duty window lock will stop them? A thief would just bust through the glass or your door. Likewise if a criminal wanted to obtain a weapon, a stricter law won’t keep him from obtaining one illegally. Hell I’ve heard you can 3D print a gun if you had the right tools.


So what should we do? I don’t know. Short of destroying all gun arsenals and ending manufacturing worldwide there’s not much that can be done. One thing I know is laws have had limited effectiveness in this country. Perhaps we should move in the opposite direction and teach responsible ownership in school. No, not give kids guns. Equip them with an understanding of adult issues early rather than expect them to figure it later.




Listen I know we’ve come a long way when it comes to raising kids. But, were starting to overstep our boundaries. It’s to the point where you can’t blow on your kid too hard without fear of CPS being called. Further we project our own values onto other people without consent.

Did I ask you how to raise my kid lady? No? Alright then!

We judge someone’s parenting ability based in the 10-20% of parenting we actually see. We throw around the term deadbeat because we see parenting as an obligation instead of a privilege. I think minding our own damn business here would be awesome.

Granted some people take discipline overboard, I get that. I promise, in the time you take to tell me not to smack my daughter on her butt, you miss the parent threatening to kill their kid. Seriously there are “parents” out there using words to cause irreparable psychological damage. More so than spanking, not abusing, a kid would ever do.


By the way can we agree that some people shouldn’t and just don’t want to be parents? Good, now can we stop forcing those same people to be parents? Please? Ladies and gentlemen, that deadbeat you complain about is 100% replaceable. Do you know that there are men and women out there that would gladly fill in and be an amazing parent?


There are people that can’t have kids and fight hard just for a chance at the opportunity. Give these amazing potential step and adoptive parents a chance to show you what they can do! If we focus on giving kids the love they deserve rather than what the structure of a family looks like. Or the way we bring them up, we’ll all be better off. I’ll spank my kids freely and love the fuck out of them at the same time.


Also just because someone’s kids don’t behave the way you think they should doesn’t mean that parent is doing a bad job. We’re individuals and react differently to parenting even as children. There’s no right or wrong here just get the job done and stop comparing each other.




This is a big one. Religion is a highly sensitive topic in America. Everyone looks at their religion as the “right” one. Thus we force our religious ideals on one another. If you don’t live the way my religion says you should you’re in the wrong. Last I checked your religious beliefs are not the next man’s so why worry about them.


I used to get so much shit for living with a girl and having a child because I wasn’t married. Most times I wanted to say “Yo, how I live is none of your business,” but my momma raised me better than that. Last I read, early Americans came to this country to escape religious persecution. Somewhere in the following years we forgot that.


My solution is to let people live and practice how they want within their own worlds. Unfortunately it’s not that easy. This is probably an issue that won’t be resolved in my lifetime. There’s hope though. With each new generation people are becoming more accepting and understanding of differing viewpoints. I guess time will tell.



Did you really think I wouldn’t go there? It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that our political system is all screwed up. The main issue as I see it is career politicians. These gifted talkers broke the system. They sell you on the promises you hope for while doing whatever is in their best interest at any given chance. Until we enact term limits and empower everyday average Joes to serve in politics, we’ll never see lasting change. I don’t want to go too deep into this though. We don’t have that kinda time, so that’s all I’ll say about politics.


So what am I saying?


We need to stop forcing people to submit to our values. Instead, let people live their lives the way they see fit and we’ll all be happier.


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