When You Do More Than What You’re Paid for…

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…Soon You Will be Paid for More Than You DO!

You’ve heard the phrase before, “go the extra mile.” Today I wanted to talk about what going the extra mile is and why people do it.

What is it

Going the extra mile is simply doing more than what is expected. Or investing more effort in an action than is necessary. Imagine you’re buying a car. You’re having a great experience buying the car of your dreams. Off hand you mention how you love going to movies and don’t address the subject anymore.

You get approved for your loan and drive off in your brand new car. The dealer took care of you too, fresh car wash, a couple freebies, you know all the bells and whistles. A month later you receive a thank you card from your salesperson, no big deal it’s common practice. Except instead of just a card you find 2 movie tickets for you and your significant other.

Did that salesperson have to do that? Nope, the sale was secured so why even bother? Well it leaves a lasting positive impression of the salesperson AND the dealership. Due to this experience you are more likely to refer them business than you would had you not received the movie tickets.


“The extra mile is a vast unpopulated wasteland”

I like that quote because it’s true. How many people that say there are going the extra mile, are actually doing it? My intuition tells me very few. Why? Because the payoff isn’t always, apparent, immediate, or guaranteed. People think “wait… why am I wasting my time on this… no one else is…” Then they stop in their tracks. And that’s why it’s a lonely stretch of road. That’s also why it’s LITTERED with opportunity!

Be early…

Every time you do more than the competition you set yourself way apart from the competition. This opens you up to receive more rewards than expected as well. For example, when I was a loader for LOWES I would often receive tips even though we weren’t supposed to. I was just doing my job after all. Unlike some of my coworkers I would often do more than was expected of me. Whether that be walking a customer from aisle to aisle helping them find things for their project. Or helping pull, pick and load wood in their trucks. Or helping them tie a secure knot so they don’t lose all the products they just bought on the drive home. I never did anything spectacular. I just did a good job leaving them with a great impression of myself and the store.

To me the extra mile is a necessary component of business. The reward that you receive in return is usually way more valuable than what is spent in time or money. But don’t just do it for the possible reward, do it for you. Lead a life of excellence that you can be proud of, and your reputation for being the best of the best will follow you, always.

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