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Welcome back! So you’re here for one of two reasons: either 1) you want your damn biscuit! (See what I mean here). Or 2) you want to know about The Wealthy Network. Both are really great reasons to be here actually.

So let’s talk…

For as awesome as my website is I’m not going to sit her and pretend I know what the heck I’m doing. At least, when it comes to building websites. I am not completely ignorant of the inner workings of my site. I have no problem picking things up quickly. I can poke around on Bluehost* and upload a theme from MyThemeShop* no problem. However, in my opinion, some things should be left to the experts. In fact the look and feel of my website is credited to the efforts of Erika and Jesse Belvin of The Wealthy Network*.

This power couple helped bring my vision to life. Were it not for them I probably wouldn’t be blogging until next year or something. You see I’m particular about some aspects of the things I do. I hate presenting something to the public from myself that is unpolished. That’s why I do 3 edits before I post an article. That’s why I fact check what i’m saying online to make sure it’s accurate. That’s why I cannot promote a company or product that I don’t truly believe in. And that’s why I always have a few blogs ready to go on Mondays in case I change my mind about what I’ve written. I can be picky and sloppy and lazy all at the same time but I stay prepared.

Now I’ve been apart of The Wealthy Network for a while now jumping in at its inception. I’ve watched as it has developed over time. The Wealthy Network offers something that you don’t see a lot of in the blogging space. Aside from the internet and network marketing companies niche. They offer a community where bloggers, network marketers, internet marketers, and entrepreneurs can come together. A community in this grind for online income is very useful. First, this allows us to collaborate and share ideas with each other. Second, this allows us to look out for one another and to share how we overcome certain pitfalls in our businesses. My favorite part is it allows us to be competitive. (Yea I’m looking at your progress and trying to beat you everyday!!) That might just be me though.

When I first linked up with The Wealthy Network I was frustrated with trying to build my own blog. I didn’t know anything about hosting and themes. I didn’t know what I was going to write about. The Wealthy Network helped me bring everything I have to offer together in a nice neat package. My website was put together by Erika as part of a blogging/coaching program. Jesse handles the coaching by the way and he’s a blogging superstar. Obviously, I paid for this service and you can definitely go that route. What I love, though, is they have options for the more cost conscious blogger. They have DIY focused courses, monthly webinars and even put up challenges to keep you pushing forward. There’s so much value that it makes the cost of entry more than worth it. Especially if you want to go the coaching route.

For me it was a virtual no brainer. They handled the “hard” part while I focused on writing and creating content for my viewers. I had time to create 15 articles before launch day. I didn’t have to worry about making sure the website was functioning correctly. I could bounce my blogging ideas off of someone that had been blogging and successful earning a living doing it. I don’t know if you have a mentor but my mentors always told me to find someone that was actively doing what I wanted to be doing successfully and ask them questions. So I did. Now if The Wealthy Network were a biscuit they would be a sweet honey butter biscuit from Church’s Chicken (try them they’re delicious).

Here’s why…. On top of all the value offered in the group they also have an affiliate program. Affiliate programs or essential to your earning strategy when your are brand new. These programs allow you to leverage another person’s expertise in place of your own and make a commission in the process. You don’t have to fuss with creating your own product. To be Frank, unless you have some real world experience to be sharing you shouldn’t be selling your own products just yet. So basically The Wealthy Network helps you build a website to earn a living from. All while paying you to help other people find that same knowledge. Sounds like a win-win to me!!

All in all if you want to build a website or business online I HIGHLY recommend you check out The Wealthy Network*. They’ll get you up and running the right way and all on the first try. Hope to see you there!!!

*Full disclosure I am an affiliate for many of the companies I talk about in this article, meaning that if you decide to purchase something via the links provided I make a small commission on said purchases. This is not to say that these commissions influence my recommendations. Rather to stay transparent with my audience. Further by purchasing through my links you don’t pay anything extra 😉

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