Why You NEED To Have Your Own Website

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Hi friends! It’s Jusstin back at it again with another blog topic for you. Today I wanted to tell you why you absolutely need a website if you have ANY kind of business presence online.

First off, what is a business presence? A business presence by my standard is anyone that is selling or promoting ANYTHING on a regular basis. Sarah that bakes for a side hustle, business presence. Jeff who promotes his network marketing product or company, business presence. Steve on Facebook helping his friends figure out nutrition and workout plans, business presence. Little Sally that has a huge following on Musical.ly, business presence. Instagram famous? Business presence. Comedian? Business presence. Anyone that’s doing anything on social media other than talking to friends, has a business presence.

But I’m not a business why do I need a website?

Look I understand you’re just promoting something you like online. We all do it. We share movies, cars, restaurants, music, daycare providers and everything in between, all day every day. Most people promote the things they love without ever wanting to make money doing it. The thing is, what if you decide to pivot and monetize in the next year or two? At that point you’re going to want to have your own website. Now instead of having a year or two of building a dedicated following, you have to start from scratch.

Social media doesn’t make building an audience easy.

Facebook and now Instagram use algorithms to determine just who sees your stuff and how much. Have you ever noticed how despite you having 200, 500, 1000, 5000 friends you never reach that number of engagements on a single post? Hell, you might not even hit those levels of engagement in a week of posts combined. Nobody knows the exact way these algorithms work other than the people that develop them. That said I’ve heard on Facebook at any given time only 6% of your friends list is seeing what you post. That means if you have 1000 friends only 60 of them are seeing your foodie posts!! That’s rather low, right? There is something called Edgerank on Facebook that you can use to increase your visibility. Edge rank is determined by how many people engage with your content as well as the type that gets the most engagement. If you tend to get more engagement from pics Facebook determines those types of posts to be more popular in your sphere of influence and bumps up the percentage of people who see your pics. If you edgerank gets high enough, friends of friends will start to see your posts as well. Problem with this is it’s all theory, we don’t know how accurate this strategy is. And the algorithms change over time so by time you read this it could be completely different.

That’s not the only problem with social media.

Have you ever read the terms of service agreement for these platforms? NOBODY does but we all accept them. The TOS agreement says they own everything we post up. It also says they can cancel our accounts any time they see fit. Let’s just say you promote your weight loss product and the algorithm determines your activity to be “spammy.”  If you go the lazy way and use your own personal page to promote you could have your profile deleted completely. Facebook says you’re spam, now all your hard work and connections are lost! Facebook works hard to protect their users from spam and solicitation. They also prefer you to have a business page if you’re going to promote a business. You could make a business page but only 3% of fans see your content on those. Why? Well Facebook is a business after all, they want you to pay for advertising not be a free loader.

So how does a website help?

Well, a self-hosted website allows you to “live” on the web unrestricted. Everything you post on your website is controlled and owned by you. You can build a following that can’t be taken from you ever. So even if your Facebook profile gets shut down your content and following survives. Further, you don’t have to promote so much. Unlike social media there’s no feed everything you post is archived and searchable. All you do is drive traffic from your fan page to your website making your online activity safer. Your website becomes a hub where your following can check out what you’re working on at their own time. As a passive form of education and income it’s super effective (Pokémon reference). So for instance you want to blog like I do. If you are a consistent blogger and your honest people will get a feeling for who you are offline. People like to do business with people they like, right? Now say you start a NWM business, or a t-shirt business, or personal trainer business. Over time your following has gotten to know you. It’s not a big surprise that some of your following would like to get more info on that or even do business with you. All because you’ve established yourself as someone they like. Now instead of pushing your agenda on people you can pull them toward you through your content. Plus you’ll reach many more people with your own website than with social media alone. You’ll also impact more people in shorter time than if you did it one on one. When you have a website that’s set up right your efficiency goes through the roof. AND you look like the professional that you are deep down inside.

A word on experts aka the “guru”

Please for the love of all things holy don’t build a website so you can brand yourself as the “expert.” There are far too many gurus online. Some of these people are kids with no real life experience yet they are life coaches or branding experts. All because they have 20k followers on FB. Thing they don’t tell you is Mr branding expert lives at home with mommy and daddy rent free. The money he makes off of you to speed up your success is what he uses to look successful and attract other suckers… err… students. Don’t be that guy/gal it’s unethical and just sad. I know we live in an instant gratification society but success takes time. Any real hustler will tell you there are no shortcuts to success. If you try to fake the funk you WILL get exposed. Then your empire will dry up faster than a glass of water in the Sahara desert!

Now that that is out of the way do YOU!

The important thing is figuring out what is going to work best for you. For me, building a website made sense. It allows me to stay organized, keep in touch with people virtually effortlessly, and do something I like, while building an Income. I hope this supports you in future your endeavors! Until next time…

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