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Fresh off of the heels of my latest business venture, I wanted to stop and tell you why you can and should start your own business today!

I’m no business major, I’m just an entrepreneur learning as I go following in the footsteps of other great entrepreneurs who came before me. That’s not to say I have no experience, my background is primarily in the home-based business profession.

So let’s talk about that for a second. One of the main pitching points in MLM/Network Marketing is that if you place all your faith in a job, you’re setting your future up for potential failure. Also, that one of the best ways, today, to control your time and finances, is to own a business. Here lies the problem, the traditional business comes with some rather large barriers to entry. First off, the failure rate of business is high, something like 9/10 fail within the first 2 years. Second, the cost of doing business even as a franchisee is high as well. Businesses can cost anywhere between 10k for a Chick fil-a to 1mil+ for a McDonald’s. That’s just to get in with a successful business model and support. Don’t even get me started with carving out your own path with no support or structure provided.

All that financial investment and that’s not even a guaranteed success! On the other hand, with network marketing you can start a legitimate business with less than $1000. Still no guarantees of success however losing $1000 is a lot easy to handle than $10000+. And these were your only options to running your own business… until now.

Ladies and gentlemen we are in the era of the “lean” start-up. An era where if you have a solid idea and a knack for execution, funding will practically come and find you, hoping to discover the next Zuck, Bezos, or Elon Musk. If that’s not encouragement enough look how much business has changed.

“[In 2015, ] Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening.” -Unknown

You’d be crazy to not jump into the fray at this moment in time. I dove in! Remember that business venture I vaguely mentioned? I started a T-shirt company with an initial investment of $0 and best of all I don’t carry any inventory. All my customers have to do is buy shirts they like from my online store. Once a customer buys a shirt the shirt gets printed, then shipped to the customer and I get paid. The 2 things I do is design shirts and drive traffic both of which I can do in my underwear on my spare time!!!

Now if that doesn’t get your blood pumping do me a favor and check your pulse because you might be dead! Seriously you can start a business with no investment, actually make a profit, and you can do it all inside of a day. Sure you might not start the next billion dollar company but you can surely make an extra $500-$1000 a month. Worst case scenario you make no money, even so you’ve collected data on what doesn’t work. Now your next attempt even more likely to succeed.

Still not convinced? Look at the rise of YouTube stars for evidence of the shift. Forbes listed the top 10 grossing YouTubers of 2015 in November of the same year. The top five have channels where they play video games, make Pokémon skits, post reaction clips to other popular ‘tubers’, play the violin, and host comedy inspired morning shows. What’s crazy is their earnings of $12 million, $8.5 million (tie), $6 million , and $4.5 million respectively. Of course, this is the higher side of the earnings spectrum. The point is that it’s possible to make money online doing something unique to you.

Yet still you don’t even have to start your own business to make money online. The options are damn near endless. You could:

Answer surveys…

Not big money but you could earn a couple hundred or more a month of extra money, who couldn’t use that? For resources check here.

Affiliate marketing…

Sign up for free with companies like Amazon to drive traffic and sales to their website. Many companies have come out with some sort of affiliate or reward program just to recommend them to your friends and family. All you do is give people a link and when they purchase you get paid a commission, simple enough right? **update** – there’s a little more to affiliate marketing than that this helpful course will teach you the ropes! (affiliate link)


Need a place to vent or talk about things you’re passionate about? Start a blog like this one. You could also integrate affiliate sales if you want to boost your chances of making some cash. And if you’re decent at writing you can always get paid to write for other blogs/bloggers as well.

EBay/Amazon/Craigslist hustler…

If you follow Gary Vaynerchuk, you know he always says if he lost it all and had to start all over again with no money he would go back to eBay hustling. Selling or reselling online can make you a decent income. If you don’t have your own source for products you can start with garage/yard sales. Do some research on what is selling online and be on the look out for similar products, buy low, sale high. I think you get the idea.


Like what I do with t-shirts. You set up an online store and sale products that you don’t have in your physical inventory. When the customer purchases from you you place an order and have the product shipped direct to the customer. Lots of smaller companies do it because it costs a lot of money and is risky to inventory load.


Have a nice camera and a sharp eye? You can sell photos online there’s always a need for high quality stock images. As long as we have websites and blogs that demand will remain high. *note* Some skill is required, this isn’t “a pick up a camera and get paid” deal


Get a part time job that allows you to work 100% from your computer/home telephone. Companies like it because it allows them to get better talent and keep costs down on office space, insurance, utilities, etc. In fact, WordPress is a 100% telecommuted company. They don’t even have a home office anywhere in the world!

Virtual assistant…

Sale your talents at an hourly rate, typing, proofreading, translating, researching, even organizing parties. You’d be surprised at the market for affordable help these days. You’d never imagine what people will pay you to do. Build up a steady customer base and create a reliable stream of income right from your computer desk. Best of all you can market your services online with Fiverr(affiliate link) or Upwork

The list goes on…

This is just a small sampling of opportunities present to you at this moment. There are likely even more ways to earn some cash with minimal investment. So now you know, the time of “it takes money to make money” is over! Stop watching people make it happen and start making YOUR dreams happen. Signing out!!!

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