You’ve Got it All Wrong and Here’s Why!

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Question have you ever heard of “The Secret?” To the outside world the film and best-selling book by the same name is just a bunch of self-help mumbo jumbo. To its cult-like following The Secret is near to gospel.

But why?

Well the underlying concept is that of “The Law of Attraction.” If you’re an entrepreneur you’ve heard of it before, if not I’ll explain. The Law of Attraction isn’t a law like the law of gravity or a man made law or any law I can think of really. I like to think of it as a universal law of perception. I say that because I for one think the law is more about perception than attraction and I’ll explain what I mean in bit.

But first.

Let’s talk about what many people think the law of attraction is. At its core the law of attraction is the name given to the idea that “like attracts like.” Going further, the law explains that all people and their thoughts are made of energy. If all people and thoughts are energy, then focusing on positive thoughts will attract positive experiences/outcomes. Likewise focusing on negative thoughts can and will attract negative experiences. I agree with that explanation 99%.

Here’s where they lose me.

Assume the above is all true. That would mean by thinking and focusing on only positive thoughts you can “attract” positive experiences. The key, to unlock this ability, is visualization (remember that it’ll be important later). Visualization involves more energy than just thinking. You have to put your whole being into seeing and feeling the future as you wish it to be. This energy is what attracts the energies around us. Sounds hard but we do it all the time, usually, when we visualize negative outcomes. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever felt fearful or uneasy about something that hasn’t even happened yet. In theory, this would mean that by thinking positively all the time we could bring about positive experiences. And that part right there doesn’t sit with me. Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people around the world believe that visualization can change our lives. That’s a half truth at best and a lie at worst.

Not through visualization alone.

Common evidence to the contrary cites the close relation between  negative thoughts and experiences . Ever notice how when one bad thing happens to you suddenly other bad things happen and continue to happen to you. That is until you experience a reset.

For instance,

You wake up late, it’s test day and you have just enough time to make it to class. You jump on the highway at a steady pace, as you think to yourself “I’ll make it in time if I don’t have anymore issues.” BAM! You hit bumper to bumper traffic… Now you’re going to be late for sure. Finally you make it to class but not with enough time to finish the test. This just hasn’t been your week or month. You’ve even been late to work a lot lately. Surprise surprise, you’re late today too. “Finally some normalcy” you think to yourself as you sit down at your station. “What else can possibly go wrong?” Bad question, just then you’re called into your boss’s office. Today is your last violation of the attendance policy and you are handed your walking papers. The next few months play out with similar results. Stubbed toes, broken dishes, fights with your significant other. Life just seems to be dealing you the shittiest hand.

Finally you get some good news.

Seems a job you were recently denied for calls to offer you the position starting immediately. You accept the position and you experience your reset. Things are finally looking up for you. You come home after your first day to find your favorite meal on the table. Even better as you do a bit of laundry you find a crumpled up $20 bill in your pocket. Thus your weeks continue and more little wins keep finding their way to you.

Sound far-fetched?

Of course life doesn’t play out that perfectly for people. The example was designed to be relatable to a wide audience. I bet you’ve experienced the snowball effect that tends to accompany wins and losses. The main thing is to notice what the thought process was. When the bad things were happening we started to focus on negative energy. And thus attracted more negative energy in perpetuity. That is until the first good thing that happened. Once a good thing happened we had positive energy to latch on to. All of a sudden like flipping a light switch we attracted more positive energy into this hypothetical series of events.

So what’s happening?

I’d be lying if I said just by thinking you can change things in life. Hell try it, “think” away the the weeds in your yard, visualize them not being there. It doesn’t matter how hard you focus on the positives of a beautiful weed free yard. If you don’t actually tend to the yard soon weeds will overgrow everything else. Therein lies the real key to “activating” the Law of Attraction, YOUR actions. Remember I called the LOA a universal law of perception. That is because how you perceive the world becomes your reality, it becomes what you notice more of. Kind of like when you get a new car that nobody else had before then all of a sudden it’s like you see it everywhere. What happened is your perception shifted now instead of mostly ignoring that particular car you notice it right away. Your perception shapes your behavior which shapes your actions, subconsciously. If negative things start to happen frequently, You begin to close yourself off to positivity because you perceive the world as handing you negativity even going so far as to expect it. When bad things happen this confirms your beliefs and causes you to further spiral downward.

I’ve experienced this myself.

My own downward spiral started with getting fired, followed by getting dumped by my gf of 10 years. Which was followed by unemployment running out and finally not being able to find work for months afterward. By this time I was pretty depressed. I remember wondering why someone like myself, a kind, hard working man, could have a such a TERRIBLE life. Finally I got a break, by way of a temp agency. This changed my focus and I started looking for the positivity within my circumstances. I took my run of bad luck as an opportunity to make some changes and started to work on myself, vigorously. I read books, I lost weight, I found better jobs, and have continued to improve ever since. And it all started with a change in perception and actions. It was not easy I can assure you. But, if you’re looking to shift your life into positive energy mode I offer you two tips that I’ve learned.

  1. Experiences are neutral in nature. We place labels and determine whether an experience is either good or bad, positive or negative. And we CHOOSE to latch on to that energy.
  2. You can only control your actions and your attitude (perception). You can’t control others, make peace with this. Maintain your control and you will always have the power to shift your life onto a positive path no matter how far you drift into the negative.

I know it sounds simple or maybe it sounds hard for you right now. Either way with practice you WILL get the hang of it. THAT is the power of The Law of Attraction.

You know better, now go out and do better!

Thanks for taking the time to read to the end. If you made it here I’m curious what does the Law of Attraction mean to you?

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